Manually sifting through thousands of logs to find a root cause is time-consuming

Unmonitored logs and events

Non-centralized logs and unmonitored log activity make security incident awareness difficult.

Manual threat remediation

Manual log collection and analysis compromises security and makes threat remediation time-consuming.

Ambiguous troubleshooting process

An undefined log analysis process makes troubleshooting more tiresome and root cause analysis incomplete and difficult.

Automate log analysis, improve IT operations, mitigate threats and ensure compliance
Automatically collect and organize log and event data
Centralizing event logs in a single location enables faster log analysis. Log & Event Manager helps you centralize logs from various applications, servers and network devices spread across your organization. Normalization helps you better analyze logs and events in detail, without getting annoyed with unreadable machine data. Syslog, event logs and flat files are normalized to provide a detailed account of the specific event name, insertion/detection time, source machine IP, severity, destination account and much more.
Simplify troubleshooting while investigating security issues
Log & Event Manager provides you with a number of pre-defined filters organized by categories so you don't have to start from scratch during a firefight. These filters provide real-time visibility of the event activities. You can drill down to a specific event to get a detailed listing of the source/destination machines, IP address, ports and more. Further, you can create new filters, define conditions and enable in-console notifications to investigate a specific network, server, application or suspicious user activity.
Detect, track and analyze malicious events in your network
Correlate all events from your network devices, applications, servers, storage, security appliances and other systems in real-time with Log & Event Manager. Log & Event Manager includes hundreds of built-in event correlation rules. Time- and transaction-based event correlation allows you to simultaneously perform multiple actions. Event ordering permutation issues are covered with non-linear event correlation tools. You are notified of malicious events inside your network, which helps you remediate threats in less time.

QuoteIt’s a great way to find out if ex-employees still have active account actions on the network (logging in to workstations or services or a personal account being used as a service account)."

Nathan Turner
Systems Administrator, at ClearBalance
Improve IT operations, mitigate threats and ensure compliance
Log & Event Manager Starting at $4495
  • Collect, centralize and analyze events and logs across routers, switches, IDS/IPS, databases, servers and applications
  • Use real-time event correlation to detect and respond to malicious activities in the network
  • Automate, simplify and demonstrate compliance, and get actionable data in less time
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