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When user experience is impacted, is it network latency or app performance?

Poor end-user experience

User experience is impacted by both network and application response times. Deep packet analysis is required to find the issue.

Unidentified network traffic

It's impossible to identify the traffic on your network if you don't know what to look for. Deep packet inspection (DPI) can help.

Unexpected traffic and data volume

Unexplained spikes in traffic and data volume could alert you to a potential security breach.

Identify what's causing network slowness

  1. Quickly find and resolve the root cause of network latency and identify impacted applications

    When users are reporting slowness, it could be the network or it could be a specific application. Troubleshooting is easier when you are able to narrow down the problem.

    With deep packet inspection software, you can measure the network response time—also known as network path latency—and determine the amount of time required for a packet to travel across a network path from sender to receiver.

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  2. Calculate response time for over 1,200 applications with deep packet inspection software

    Automatically calculate application response times for applications like Skype®, SQL Server®, Facebook®, and more, and determine the impact on user experience.

    With deep packet analysis, you can easily calculate time-to-first-byte, and receive alerts about issues before users report them.

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  3. Automatically classify network traffic by category, business vs. social, and risk level

    Packet analysis allows the categorization of traffic into types based on destination server IP addresses, ports used, and measurement of the total and relative volumes of traffic for each type.

    With deep packet inspection (DPI), you can identify excessive levels of non-business traffic (social media, external Web surfing, etc.) that may need to be filtered or otherwise eliminated. You can also identify traffic flowing over a network link, or traffic to specific servers/applications for capacity management purposes.

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With SolarWinds, we have seen improvements in availability and reductions in time-to-resolution. We are able to rectify problems faster, before users start complaining."

Michael Low

Systems Engineer at Marina Bay Sands

Measure network and application response time and more

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  • Monitors and displays response time, availability, and performance of network devices.
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