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88% of slow application performance issues can be traced back to the database

Slow application performance

88% of slow performance issues can be traced back to the database.

Complex databases

Maintaining top application performance 24/7 is a real challenge.

Shrinking IT budget

Budget constraints create further complications for DBAs.

DPA is the fastest way to identify the root cause of performance problems

  1. Optimize your databases

    Experienced DBAs know that most database performance issues are not related to CPU power or other hardware constraints, but from poorly written queries and inefficient indexes. Throwing more hardware at the problem is not the solution. You need a way to effectively optimize your databases. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer offers response time analysis, the fastest way to analyze SQL statements, identify the root cause of performance problems, and get expert tuning advice for all major commercial databases.

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  2. View queries running in production

    Application performance is often put off until the deployment phase, which can be too late. Many performance solutions put a load on monitored production servers, making production performance analysis less than ideal. Yet, accessing query performance on production servers improves SQL performance because it incorporates application performance in the development cycles. Database Performance Analyzer monitors development, test and production servers with less than a 1% load. With the Database Performance Analyzer dashboard, developers can drill down into a production database to learn how a code is performing.

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  3. Align resource provisioning with database performance

    It is common to see admins investing in the latest hardware without first identifying the root cause of a performance issue. Database Performance Analyzer helps align resource provisioning with database performance, which gives admins the information they need to be prescriptive about hardware recommendations. Database Performance Analyzer collates SQL statement data every second, and helps rank these statements based on response time. This helps developers and DBAs identify the best SQL query to focus on. It also offers guidance on ways to improve performance, which rarely involves purchasing new hardware.

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With our current environment this product is invaluable to my team for problem resolution. We could not do our jobs as efficiently, nor could we solve problems as quickly, without this product. "

Database Administrator at S&P 500 Company

Comprehensive database performance monitoring solution

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  • Be more prescriptive with hardware recommendations using advanced wait-based analytics
  • Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks
  • Reduce Overall Cost of Database Operations

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