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Poor Web server performance

Performance bottlenecks in Apache® Web server cause websites to load Web pages (HTML, CSS, rich-snippets) slower.

Web server running out of capacity

Inability to see the number of Web server requests and traffic spikes to the website makes server capacity management difficult.

Supporting component failure

Poor performance of the associated IT infrastructure - operating system, database, virtual machines, hardware, etc. causes website downtime.

One application to monitor and manage your Apache environment and underlying server infrastructure

  1. Monitor uptime and performance of your Apache Web server

    SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor allows you to measure the performance of Apache HTTP Web server by monitoring key performance metrics such as server uptime, idle workers, total access, total traffic, server request per second, server KB per second, server KB per request and busy workers.

    It also helps you get in-depth visibility of your entire Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP environment to isolate the root cause of Web server issues. Any anomaly in the behavioral data of the server infrastructure triggers an alert to take action and troubleshoot faster.

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  2. Diagnose the root cause of Tomcat performance issues

    Using Server & Application Monitor you can troubleshoot website problems (such as unexpected surges in traffic, high load on the CPU, resource inadequacy, etc.) faster by monitoring key performance metrics of Tomcat Web server. Out-of-the-box templates enable you to monitor processes, including free/total/max memory, processing time, total request count, total bytes sent/received, and total errors count. You can extend the visibility to monitor more processes and services by adding custom components.

    You can also track server performance statistics, including CPU and memory usage, response time, packet loss, network latency, etc. to isolate server issues that cause application downtime.

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  3. Proactively monitor Web server supporting components

    Server & Application Monitor helps you view other IT infrastructure components in your Apache Web server environment, including Linux server and operating system, MySQL database, etc.

    Get alerted on high CPU utilization, and identify runaway processes that impact the performance of your Linux server.

    Integration with SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer helps you monitor wait-based response time analytics of MySQL queries, and optimize database performance.

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  4. Manage multi-vendor Web servers and application servers

    Server & Application Monitor provides detailed performance monitoring for 200+ applications out of the box. With a single lucid, easy-to-use dashboard, you can monitor popular Web and application servers including Microsoft IIS, JBoss, IBM WebSphere®, GlassFish®, NGINX®, Oracle WebLogic, etc.

    The built-in AppInsight™ dashboard to monitor Microsoft IIS provides details about Web server performance and application pools running on your IIS Server. Monitor worker processes, Web server cache, connections, site bindings, SSL certificate expiration and more.

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Apache Monitoring definition

Apache monitoring proactively measures key Web server performance metrics, such as server uptime, idle workers, traffic, server request/second, and so on. This helps pinpoint performance issues for faster troubleshooting

SharePoint Web portal wouldn’t launch. Checking on Server & Application Monitor led me to identify where the issue was and that was the IIS server. I restarted IIS, and the SharePoint application was able to run."

Hezekiah Omulo

IT/Systems Administrator at Kemri-Welcomme Trust Research Program

Apache Web server monitoring and management

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  • Agentless (optional agent-based) monitoring software for faster troubleshooting
  • Server monitoring software supports multiple hardware vendors and virtual machines
  • Easy-to-use user interface to create monitors for custom and home-grown applications



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