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SolarWinds delivers frequent product updates and product releases. Below, please find information on the most recent updates to your SolarWinds application, systems, storage, network, virtualization, and log management products.


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  • New Getting Started settings wizard(s) for quickly accessing all critical LEM configuration settings
  • New Rules Wizard to find rules of interest and enable them en masse with alert notifications (email and infer/incident) by category/subcategory
  • Fixes, of course - notably to IIS, Workstation Edition support for 8.1, and support for SQL Auditor on SQL 2014

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New Version! Storage Manager

SolarWinds Storage Manager provides multi-vendor storage performance and capacity management. Start monitoring your storage performance and isolate hotspots in your NAS & SAN environment. Start managing the performance and capacity of your end-to-end physical and virtual storage infrastructure—from VM to spindle!

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New Version! Virtualization Manager

SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager delivers integrated VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V capacity planning, performance monitoring, remediation, sprawl control, configuration management, and chargeback automation. Use Virtualization Manager to auto-discover the virtual machines in your environment and start monitoring today!

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New Version! Server & Application Monitor
SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) can monitor all the infrastructure in your datacenter using WMI, SNMP, CIM, JMX & VMware® API protocols. In addition, SAM is an agentless and scalable monitoring product that can be deployed effortlessly across your entire environment

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New Version! NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) enables you to capture data from continuous streams of network traffic and convert those raw numbers into easy-to-interpret charts and tables that quantify exactly how the corporate network is being used, by whom and for what purpose.

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New Version! Patch Manager

SolarWinds Patch Manager software is an affordable, easy to use tool for third-party patch management across tens of thousands of servers and workstations. SolarWinds Patch Manager software lets you leverage and extend the capabilities of Microsoft® WSUS and SCCM to report, deploy, and manage Microsoft and third-party patches.

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New Version! Enterprise Operations Console

Gain at-a-glance insight into enterprise network performance. SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console provides a consolidated command center to monitor your entire enterprise network and gives you unified visibility into remote Orion deployments throughout your geographically distributed networks.

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Simple, Smart, and Quick Cloud Performance Monitoring!

SolarWinds Cloud Performance Monitor Powered by CopperEgg provides real-time cloud-based server monitoring that installs quickly and functions with ease.

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Quickly and Easily Monitor VoIP Call Performance!

SolarWinds free Call Detail Record Tracker allows you to view performance details of VoIP calls on a call-by-call basis. Sort and filter call detail records generated by Cisco® CallManager.
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Easily Upload and Download Executable Images and Config Files!

SolarWindsTFTP Server and SFTP/SCP Server let you easily upload and download configuration files and executable images to routers and switches.
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Test WSUS Connections and Validate Configuration Values with Ease!

SolarWinds Diagnostic Tool for the WSUS Agent provides you an easy way to validate Windows Update Agent and test the connectivity of WSUS server resources.
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Log & Event Manager - SIEM Made Simple & Affordable

Log & Event Manager version 5.7 makes it easier to deploy & manage with features including: Hyper-V® Virtual Appliance support, a new browser-based console, Active Directory® authentication, integration with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor & Server and Application Monitor for sending/receiving alerts between systems, Getting Started content to help you get SolarWinds LEM implemented, and a handful of other customer requested improvements.
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Updated! SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v5.0 Now Supports Microsoft® Hyper-V® in addition to VMware® virtual environments!
SolarWinds Virtualization Manager now gives you heterogeneous virtualization management with the addition of support for the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platform. With this addition, you can now manage both VMware and Hyper-V virtual infrastructures from a single pane of glass. Download Virtualization Manager below for a free, fully-functional 30-day trial, and while you are at it, try SolarWinds Storage Manager, which integrates with Virtualization Manager to provide you more granular storage reporting for your virtual environment—all from one screen. 
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Continuously Monitor a VMware or Hyper-V Host
Our free VM Monitor continuously monitors a VMware® or Microsoft® Hyper-V® host and associated virtual machines. Track virtualization health at-a-glance and impress your boss with X-ray vision into your VMware and Hyper-V hosts.
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Consolidate Your Event Logs in One Place!
Our free Event Log Consolidator provides an easy way to consolidate event logs from multiple Windows systems. You can also filter logs so that you can see data that is important to you and export key data to a .csv file.
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New Version! Synthetic End User Monitor v1.5 Delivers Cloud-Based Transaction Monitoring, a Multi-Tenant UI, Support for Rich Content, & More!
Version 1.5 of Synthetic End User Monitor adds exciting features that make it perfect for the largest enterprises and the smallest do-it-yourself IT shops. The latest version offers a compelling alternative to over-priced hosted monitoring solutions; now, you can quickly and inexpensively deploy transaction players to Amazon® EC2 yourself with the new Cloud Player Portal and run synthetic transactions from the cloud whenever you want to! MSPs and large enterprises will love the new multi-tenant UI, which enables multiple users to securely monitor a myriad of web applications from one instance. Additionally, the latest version offers support for rich content, including Flash® and Silverlight®, as well as the ability to validate non-text content on a page.
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Three Free Tools that Simplify Active Directory Administration
This terrific trio of free tools makes it easier than ever to add and remove users and computers in Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Inactive User Account Removal Tool
  • Inactive Computer Account Removal Tool
  • User Import Tool

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New Version! SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager v7.0
Orion Network Configuration Manager (NCM) v7.0 incorporates many of the product enhancements and features that you told us you wanted in a 21st-century configuration management solution.
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New Version! SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) Version 10.2 and Core 2011.2 Adds Expanded Network Support
The new version of SolarWinds NPM adds expanded network support for Juniper, HP ProCurve, and IPv6. In addition, WMI polling is included for collecting CPU, memory, and disk statistics.
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Know Exactly Which VMs have High Storage Latency!
Our free Storage Response Time Monitor allows you to monitor the top VM total storage response times.
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Updated! SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler v5.1!
SolarWinds Storage Manager LUN Views provide the perfect integration point between SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and Storage Manager. Drill down from your datastore all the way to the disk—no matter how many LUNs per datastore to identify I/O performance bottlenecks. Additionally, we have expanded our supported vendors and array families.
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New Version! SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (Formerly TriGeo SIM) Is Better Than Ever!
SolarWinds Log & Event Manager builds on powerful log analysis, real-time event correlation, and advanced IT search features with this latest release. We've updated the nDepth export functionality, made performance improvements to the rules processing engine, and added integration with Kiwi Syslog Server. Additionally, Version 5.3 includes an updated agent, including the Java Runtime Engine (JRE) and supporting framework. This behind-the-scenes improvement means that it will be easier to update agent software in the future.
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Our FREE Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor Watches Your Interfaces — Like a Hawk!
Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor makes it easy to keep a close eye on a troublesome interface and monitors bandwidth usage in real-time!
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Updated! ipMonitor is More Affordable than Ever!
ipMonitor shows you what's up on your network by delivering up/down monitoring for your network devices, servers, & apps - at a price any small business can afford! Plus, ipMonitor installs in minutes and is easy to use!

Our FREE Web Transaction Watcher Records and Tests a Live Web Transaction with Just the Touch of a Button - No Scripting Required!
Download the free Web Transaction Watcher now and in almost the same amount of time it takes a customer to perform a transaction on your website, you can ensure that the transaction is performing perfectly.
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New Product! Synthetic End Use Monitor Alerts You When a Web Application Transaction Fails!
Find web app issues before your users do using our new web application monitor. With just a push of a button, an easy-to-use recorder captures the steps in any web transaction and saves them off into a test that you can schedule to run as frequently as every 5 minutes.
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New FREE VM-to-Cloud Calculator Makes Getting Quotes to Move VMs to the Cloud Painless!
Our FREE VM-to-Cloud Calculator quickly discovers all of your virtual machines and estimates what it would cost to move them to the cloud. Download now and get estimates for Amazon EC2™, Windows® Azure™, and Rackspace Cloud Servers™.
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New! Introducing SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v4.0!
At SolarWinds, we've improved the way that IT professionals around the world manage their networks, applications, servers, and storage environments. And now we are doing it again with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (formerly Hyper9), our comprehensive virtualization management software that delivers integrated capacity planning, VM sprawl control, performance monitoring, configuration management, and chargeback automation-all in one awesomely affordable product that's easy to download, deploy, and use.
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New! Introducing SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler v5.0!
SolarWinds Storage Manager helps you keep a sharp eye on the performance and capacity of your end-to-end physical and virtual storage infrastructure - from VM to spindle! With Storage Manager at your side, you can quickly and easily monitor storage performance, isolate hotspots, automate storage capacity planning, map VMs to physical storage, analyze storage usage and reclaim storage space, manage fibre channel switches and gain visibility into your multi-vendor SAN fabric, and much more!
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New Product! User Device Tracker Makes Finding Devices a Snap
Devices have nowhere to hide on your network. SolarWinds User Device Tracker (UDT) makes it easy to find a computer and instantly retrieve the switch name, port, port description, VLAN, and more. Simply search on an IP address, Hostname, or MAC address and SolarWinds UDT will quickly find the current or last known location of your device. You can even create a device watch list and track switch capacity!
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Updated! Our Free SAN Monitor Now Supports EMC CLARiiON SANs
Our free SAN Monitor delivers the visibility you need to stay a step ahead of potential performance problems lurking in your storage array. It has never been so easy to monitor your EMC CLARiiON SAN.
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New! Our Free Real-Time AppFlow Analyzer Exposes Network Bandwidth Hogs!
Download today and discover how SolarWinds Real-Time AppFlow Analyzer and Citrix® NetScaler® Appflow, Juniper® JFlow, sFlow, and Cisco® NetFlow data can help you determine the types of traffic on your network, where it's coming from, and where it's going.
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Our FREE SNMP Enabler Makes It Quick and Easy to Remotely Enable SNMP on Windows Machines!
Download our FREE SNMP Enabler for Windows and remotely install, enable, and configure SNMP on multiple Windows servers and workstations. Just think of all the time you can save!
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Updated! Orion IP Address Manager is More Affordable Than Ever!
You asked and we delivered. Orion IP Address Manager (IPAM) is now available as a stand-alone application - making it more affordable than ever! Now there's no reason to continue using unwieldy spreadsheets to manage your IP address space. New features in version 2.0 include historical IP address tracking, and IPv4 to IPv6 migration support.

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Updated! Orion NCM v6.1 Delivers Enhanced Compliance Policy Reporting, an Over 8X Improvement in Device Inventory Speed, and More!
Get your hands on Orion Network Performance Manager (NCM) v6.1 and inventory the network devices in your network at warp speed! In no time at all you can take advantage of all the other new features including: enhanced compliance policy reporting; one-click import or export of shared config change templates and config policies; enhanced support for IPv6 configs; a new Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) STIG compliance report; and the ability to create custom configuration file types for greater flexibility.
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New Version! Orion APM Version 4.0 Delivers Enterprise-Class Application and Server Monitoring - Simply and Affordably
Orion Application Performance Monitor (APM) v4.0 adds all the power you need without the complexity and cost you can do without! Check out the Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor that delivers at-a-glance insight into the health of your physical and virtual applications and server infrastructure - all through a single pane of glass. Keep an eye on your complex, multi-tier application architectures with Dynamic Service Groups and eliminate unnecessary disruptions by configuring intelligent alerts using Conditional Group Dependencies. The enhanced LUCID Interface has been refined to work the way you do while Mobile Network Monitoring Views enable you to check application and server status from your Android™, Blackberry®, iPhone®, or other smart phone. You can even run Orion APM standalone or together with Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) for a comprehensive view into application, server and network performance
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New Version! Orion NPM Version 10.1 Delivers Powerful Data Center Network Monitoring Capabilities
Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) v10.1 enables network engineers to more efficiently and effectively manage complex data center networks by addressing four key requirements: visibility, drill-down capabilities, reporting, and scalability. Take a look at the enhanced LUCID™ interface - designed by network engineers, for network engineers, with top 10 views, drill-down maps, and easy-to-read dashboards. See how dynamic service groups simplify monitoring for large and complex IT environments, while conditional group dependencies allow you to alert on real issues. And check out other new features including: virtual infrastructure monitoring, support for Cisco® Unified Computing System™ (UCS), mobile network monitoring views, VSAN monitoring, a consolidated Message Center, Active Directory® integration, enhanced reporting, and more.
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Our Free Permissions Analyzer Delivers Instantaneous Visibility Into Effective Permissions
Our free Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory™ makes it easy to achieve instantaneous visibility into user & group permissions! Get a complete hierarchical view of the effective permissions & access rights for a specific file folder or share drive - all from a totally cool desktop dashboard!
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NEW VERSION! Orion IPAM Version 1.7 Adds Cisco IOS DHCP Support & More
Orion IPAM Version 1.7 now supports Cisco IOS DHCP and the ability to pull subnets from Cisco DHCP servers. In addition, this latest version can pull neighbor ARP information when ICMP and SNMP are blocked or disabled. Improvements have been made to the product's searching capabilities. Orion IPAM version 1.7 now provides the ability to search on any field.
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Free VM Console Makes Bouncing & Tracking Virtual Machines a Breeze
Our free VM Console enables you to bounce your virtual machines without ever logging into VMware® vCenter™ or vSphere™! Plus, you can track up/down status, take snapshots, and restart VMs even if you're not a VMware administrator. And the handy desktop dashboard ensures your new VM superpowers are always within reach!
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