How to Download Purchased Products

This page contains download instructions for SolarWinds, ipMonitor and Kiwi products. Click on a product from the list below to read their download instructions.

Orion Products
Engineer’s Toolset
Network Topology Mapper
Responder Pack Licenses
Kiwi Products

Orion Products and Engineer’s Toolset

To install Orion products or Engineer’s Toolset:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Customer Portal and log into your customer portal with your customer ID and password. Make sure that you use ALL CAPS and do NOT cut and paste the password
  3. Click on License Management
  4. Click on the orange Download button on the appropriate line for the product you want to download

Note: Please use the guide at the link below when installing the latest version of Engineer’s Toolset (v10).

ipMonitor v10ipMonitor

To install ipMonitor v10:

  1. Log on to the server on which you want to install ipMonitor
  2. From the downloaded installation file, click the exe
  3. Review the Welcome text, and then click Next
  4. Accept the terms of the EULA and then click Next
  5. Provide a user name and organization name and then click Next
  6. To select a different install location, click Change and navigate to the desired destination folder and then click Next
  7. Click Install on the Ready to Install Program window.
  8. Click Finish to launch the ipMonitor Configuration Program.

Note: It is recommended that you do not install ipMonitor on a domain controller. To take full advantage of ipMonitor's security features, we suggest that you create an account specifically for the ipMonitor Service to run under that applies the minimum tokens required by the ipMonitor Service to operate successfully. However, when ipMonitor is installed on a domain controller, the Credential Manager cannot be enabled to impersonate Windows accounts with elevated permissions. There is no allowance for trust relationships outside of the domain, resulting in limited access to many ipMonitor features.

After installing the software through the Setup Wizard and completing the Configuration Wizard, you are prompted to enter the license activation key for your product. If you do not have an activation key, the product runs in a time-limited evaluation mode.

To license ipMonitor v10 on a server with Internet access:

  1. Click Enter Licensing Information
  2. Select I have internet access and an activation key
  3. Click the link to access the customer portal on the SolarWinds web site
  4. Log on to the portal using your SolarWinds customer ID and password
  5. Click License Management on the left navigation bar.
  6. Navigate to your product, choose an activation key from the Unregistered Licenses section, and then copy the activation key
  7. If you cannot find an activation key in the Unregistered Licenses section, contact SolarWinds customer support
  8. Return to the Activate ipMonitor window, and then enter the activation key in the Activation Key field.
  9. If you access Internet web sites through a proxy server, click I access the internet through a proxy server, and enter the proxy address and port
  10. Click Next
  11. Enter your email address and other registration information, and then click Next

To license the software on a server without Internet access:

  1. Click Enter Licensing Information
  2. Select This server does not have internet access and then click Next
  3. Click Copy Unique Machine ID
  4. Paste the copied data into a text editor document
  5. Transfer the document to a computer with Internet access. On the computer with Internet access, complete the following steps:
  6. Browse to and then log on to the portal with your SolarWinds customer ID and password
  7. Navigate to your product, and then click Manually Register License
  8. If the Manually Register License option is not available for your product, contact SolarWinds customer support
  9. Provide the Machine ID from Step 5, and then download your license key file
  10. Transfer the license key file to the server
  11. Return to the Activate ipMonitor window, browse to the license key file, and then click Next

To upgrade to ipMonitor v10:

Please use the following link as a guide to installing and upgrading to this new version:

Note: SolarWinds has announced the end of life for ipMonitor v8.5. Support is available for versions 9 and 10.

Network Topology Mapper

To download Network Topology Mapper:

The process for downloading your Network Topology Mapper application is a little different than the other SolarWinds products. You don’t need to generate a key for Network Topology Mapper in the key server.

  1. Simply go to your customer portal, click License Management, find the Network Topology Mapper license, click the Download button and select a link.
  2. When this software was purchased, you would have received a second email with your Network Topology Mapper serial number. Once you have loaded the application you will enter your serial number when prompted. Complete the information and you're ready to go.

The serial number stays with you going forward and no license reset is required. If you find you need to reinstall the program, simply follow the same procedure, as long as your maintenance is current.

Responder Pack Licenses

There is no download for the Responder Packs. You will activate any purchased responders through the Network Topology Mapper application itself.

Use the Network Topology Mapper License Manager to install the Responder add-on license(s) by selecting License Manager from the Window menu then enter your Responder serial number (license code) and click the add license button. If you find you need to re-install the Network Topology Mapper you will have to re-activate the Responders by following the same procedure that is described above.

Kiwi Products

  1. Following your purchase of the Kiwi license you will receive an email with your SolarWinds customer id and password.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Customer Portal and log into your customer portal with your customer ID & password. Make sure that you use ALL CAPS and do NOT cut and paste the password.
  4. Click on License Management and select your Kiwi product that you would like to download. Click the Download button.
  5. Once the download is complete go back to your customer portal and choose the option to Retrieve your license key and registration instructions and highlight the license information, right click, and select copy. Make sure to copy the entire box of information, including # signs, to the clipboard.
  6. Once you have copied the license information you will need to turn back to your software and choose the option to register in the registration details box.