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SolarWinds Maintenance and Support delivers the resources you need to achieve long-term success with our products. SolarWinds offers two levels of maintenance and support for our users. They are:

Free Online Support

Our online support resources are available free of charge to all users of SolarWinds products. Online support includes:

Don't be shy... go ahead and explore the resources, answers, templates, and advice contributed by thousands of highly-skilled network engineers.
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Paid Customer Support

Paid support may be purchased annually for all licensed products. In addition to the Online Support resources listed above, customers with paid support receive:

  • Access to our Technical Support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • New releases of licensed SolarWinds products, including major releases, point releases, and service releases.
  • Additional applications and utilities available only to customers who have purchased maintenance. Why buy maintenance?
Customers with paid support can contact us here. To buy a maintenance contract or to learn more about our support offerings, please call our sales department at 866.530.8100 or email us at
» Virtualization Manager version 6.3

» Database Performance Analyzer v9.2

» Network Configuration Manager v7.4

» Patch Manager v2.1

» Server & Application Monitor v6.2

» User Device Tracker v3.2

» Enterprise Operations Console v1.6

» Engineer’s Toolset v11.0

» Network Performance Monitor v11.5

» Web Help Desk v12.2

» IP Address Manager v4.3

» NetFlow Traffic Analyzer v4.1

» Network Topology Mapper v2.2 

» Kiwi Syslog Server v9.4

» Storage Manager 6.0

» VoIP & Network Quality Manager v4.2 

» Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server 15.1

» Network Configuration Manager v7.3

» Virtualization Manager v 6.2

» Alert Central v1.1

» Log & Event Manager v6.1

» FTP Voyager Free FTP Client v16.0.2

» DameWare v11.1

» Firewall Security Manager v6.6

» Web Performance Monitor v2.1

» Kiwi CatTools v3.10

» Mobile Admin v8.2

» FREE Mobile Monitor for NPM or SAM

» DameWare SSH Client for Windows