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Application performance issues are not isolated to your data center or central office and, in fact, may be more prominent in your branch offices or remote locations due to susceptibility to WAN induced jitter, latency, and packet loss.

Using Cisco’s IP SLA technology, traffic data can be simulated to test the network between Cisco routers or from a Cisco router to a remote IP device in order to monitor the performance of key applications including HTTP, TCP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, VoIP UDP Jitter, ICMP Path Jitter, ICMP Path Echo, and more.

With SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM), you can actively monitor site-to-site WAN performance by generating IP SLA operations for these key operations to validate service health status and see exactly how your WAN is performing from the perspective of your remote locations in 5 simple steps.

  1. Automatically Configure IP SLA Operations

    To troubleshoot WAN performance between Remote Site 1 and the Ottawa Server Network, an IP SLA operation is configured using a step-by-step wizard. In the following example, we are going to create an ICMP Path Jitter operation. Once your operations are in place and active, you can visually display their performance metrics for immediate insight into WAN performance.

    Download VNQM to enable IP SLA operations and monitor WAN performance

  2. View Status of Your IP SLA Operations

    Now that IP SLA operations have been configured, the IP SLA summary view will display the status and health of your IP SLA operations in customizable dashboards and maps for an instant view into the performance of your WAN connections.

    Download VNQM to view the status of IP SLA Operations

  3. Visually Display WAN Performance from the Perspective of Your Remote Sites

    WAN performance can be easily quantified and monitored by common metrics including jitter, latency, packet loss and round trip time (RTT) through the use of these active IP SLA operations between sites. VNQM then displays these metrics in graphical top 10 views so you can easily see how your WAN is performing.

    Download VNQM for a view of all of our IP SLA operations and the health of your WAN

  4. Drill Down into the IP SLA Operation Details

    When an operation has been identified with potential issues, you can drill down for further details. In our example, an ICMP Path Jitter operation has been created between Ottawa (server network) → Core Router (edge router) to monitor connectivity to a web server network. You can now see spikes in the RTT as well as high jitter and high latency in HOP 2.

    Download VNQM to see IP SLA Operation Details

  5. Correlate to Network Device Performance

    When integrated with SolarWinds network monitoring software, you can correlate the performance of the IP SLA operation to the network device and view detailed performance metrics such as CPU and memory utilization, interface status and utilization, latency, and response time for further network troubleshooting. Below, we see that this device has experienced a number of buffer misses that may warrant further investigation.

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