VMWare Monitoring with SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

Unified performance, capacity planning, configuration, control VM sprawl, VDI, and chargeback capabilities for VMware infrastructure. Start collecting capacity, configuration, and performance data at all levels in a VMware environment.

Benefits of Monitoring VMWare

Quickly and easily manage your VMware environment with functionality for virtualization monitoring, virtualization reporting, VM sprawl control & right-sizing, virtualization capacity planning, and much more. Get real-time trends and alerts to analyze data and alert users to configuration issues and performance problems.

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View of VMWare monitoring dashboards

Implementing VMWare Monitoring

Bottlenecks in a virtual environment can affect application and storage performance. These bottlenecks can take hours if not days to troubleshoot. Easily identify storage IO issues, memory ballooning, and idle VMs in minutes.

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View of VMWare monitoring finding bottlenecks and performance issues

How VMware Monitoring Works

See VMware performance metrics, custom dashboards, various reports, and capabilities. Proactively monitor VMware specific performance problems and start troubleshooting application and workload issues.

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View of VMWare monitoring performance metrics dashboard

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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager has robust capabilities for monitoring, predicting and troubleshooting virtual capacity bottlenecks and resource contention with real-time results. With features such as capacity planning, VM sprawl control, find idle VMs, Virtualization Manager provides a strong ROI for monitoring VMware infrastructure.

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SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

Try Virtualization and start monitoring your VMware infrastructure within an hour.

  • Real time dashboards simplify identification & troubleshooting
  • Identifies VM sprawl, helps you reclaim & optimize space
  • All the functionality & more of other leading virtualization management tools

Starts at $2995

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