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One of the biggest challenges that network administrators face is keeping track of switch ports are in use and those that are free. This information is extremely important to ensure optimal port usage, planning for new network requirements and for compliance requirements. Unused switch port also pose a security threat as they can be used by a rogue to gain access into the network. Maintaining switch port utilization information is tedious when it has to be done manually. As the network grows, so does the number of devices and keeping an up to date and accurate inventory of device data takes more time and effort.

  1. Benefits of Monitoring Switch Ports

    The most important benefit of the switch port monitor is that it automatically discovers switches operating at near full capacity. You can easily reclaim unused ports to facilitate intelligent capacity planning and purchase decisions. The switch port monitor provides data on network switches by port in use, CPU load, memory used, etc. You can even drill down into specific port data to obtain active and historical port utilization information. These reports are integral for meeting compliance needs.

    As a best practice for safeguarding your network from security risks, accurate information on unused switch ports helps the administrator keep these ports closed.

  2. Switch Port Monitoring Implementation

    Switch port monitoring can be enabled for all switches where administrators need insight into port utilization, CPU load, memory and detailed port data along with active and historical port utilization details. All devices are automatically discovered and monitored for port or user information.

  3. How Switch Port Mapping Works?

    Device information like port details are stored in a database called Management Information Base (MIB). Tools like SolarWinds User Device Tracker while polling the network for device details, fetches specific port data from devices like routers and switches. This information is very useful to visualize switch port utilization and status for capacity planning and troubleshooting to locate a problematic device on the network.

Capture switch port utilization and status information to proactively plan for your switch port capacity needs

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  • Automatically discover, map, and monitor switches, ports, and network devices
  • Investigate device/user access with detailed information on switch port data and connection history
  • Monitor and improve switch port utilization and network access security  



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