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Having a unified view of the performance and status of your storage environment helps identify how your storage resources are currently used and how they will be used in the future. Having visibility across your storage infrastructure ensures that you can continuously monitor the performance of the SAN environment, identify the busiest LUNs, RAID groups, disks, and ports across multi-vendor storage arrays, and monitor the performance of multiple protocols such as fiber channel switches, NFS, and iSCSI.

Comprehensively monitor your multi-vendor storage environment with SolarWinds® Storage Resource Monitor and take control of your SAN, NAS, and DAS infrastructure. SolarWinds’ data storage management software lets you quickly and easily monitor storage performance, isolate hotspots, automate storage capacity planning, map VMs to physical storage, analyze storage usage, reclaim storage space, manage fiber channel switches, and more.

  1. Unified view of the performance and status of your SAN environment

    Monitor and manage storage utilization with SolarWinds’ storage monitoring software. With an intuitive Web interface, our storage management software provides you with an agentless approach to monitor your SAN fabric. Start monitoring performance data on LUNs, volumes, disks, RAID groups, storage pools, FC switches and array ports, array operation status, and more.

    With the powerful DAS, NAS, and SAN performance monitoring capabilties, Storage Resource Monitor helps you:

    • Map storage volumes back to the host
    • Manage space consumption on RAID groups
    • Understand how volumes are load balanced across each storage processor on the array
    • Identify overloaded LUNs or RAID groups

    Read this whitepaper for best practices on managing a multi-vendor storage environment

  2. Multi-vendor SAN and fiber channel switch management

    Get end-to-end management functionality across arrays and storage networks with SolarWinds’ storage monitoring software. Ensure that multi-vendor SAN, NAS, and DAS systems always run at peak performance. Storage management software from SolarWinds offers comprehensive support for arrays from mainstream storage vendors including Dell®, EMC®, NetApp®, HP®, IBM®, Hitachi®, and many more.

    Storage Resource Monitor also supports capacity and performance reporting in a broad range of devices and servers including:

    • Unix® (IBM®, AIX®, HP, Solaris®)
    • Qlogic® FC switches
    • Cisco® MDS
    • Linux® (RedHat®, SUSE®)
    • McData® FC switches
    • Microsoft® OS
    • Brocade® FC switches
    • VMware®

    Download Storage Resource Monitor and get a unified view of the performance and status of your SAN environment

  3. Heterogeneous storage environments and reporting

    Generate aggregate and specific reports for heterogeneous storage environments. Storage Resource Monitor provides robust reporting functionality including hundreds of pre-defined and fully customizable reports. These reports provide in-depth information on every aspect of your cross-vendor storage environment including raw capacity, disk characteristics, LUN/volume/vDisk mapping, assigned capacity and usage, etc. Storage reporting in the SolarWinds® storage management software simplifies the creation of customized storage reports. You can even create custom groups that allow you to group storage, servers, and file systems into unique business-related entities for chargeback, division reporting, and other analysis.

    Get access to several out-of-the-box reports such as:

    • RAID groups/storage pool utilization
    • Top 10 reports
    • Enterprise capacity summary
    • Free LUNs report
    • Thin provisioning report
    • Physical disk reports
    • Asset info reports
    • And more

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  4. Automated storage capacity planning

    Storage Resource Monitor automates the collection and presentation of storage forecasting data and tracks performance over time to identify hot spots, peak hours, and potential outages. Forecasting and planning storage capacity is easy when you can view growth rates, project when capacity will be reached, and forecast costs and budgetary requirements.

    • Automate the collection of storage capacity planning
    • View storage growth rates and project storage capacity
    • Proactively track performance over time to identify storage performance issues

    Automatically predict and forecast storage capacity. Download Storage Resource Monitor!

Monitor storage performance and isolate hotspots in your multi-vendor SAN fabric

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  • Multi-vendor storage performance and capacity management
  • Map virtual machines to physical storage
  • Simplify analysis of storage usage and reclamation of storage space



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