SSL Certificate Management and Monitoring with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

Every organization needs to ensure customers can access their websites, applications, online portals, etc. The availability of these sites and apps largely depends on making sure that SSL certificates are well within the expiration limits, so sites can recognize servers or IP addresses trying to gain access. SolarWinds® offers the visibility you need to make sure you’re proactively notified before SSL certificates expire.

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Benefits of Monitoring SSL Certificate Expiration

Without proactive monitoring of your website’s SSL certificates for expiration, there’s no way of telling when website availability may become an issue. Another reason to monitor SSL certificates is to ensure that your apps and websites are secure, and continuously available—performing the way they should.

Best Practices: SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring

With SolarWinds SSL certificate expiration monitoring software, you can start automating the task of monitoring SSL certificate expirations. Ensure your users are always able to access your websites every time they login and ensure an expired SSL certificate doesn’t affect customer experience. Get proactively notified before SSL certificates expire.

Best Practice 1: Manage SSL Certificate Expiration

Using SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor’s out-of-the-box SSL Certification Expiration Monitor, you can test a Web server's ability to accept incoming sessions over a secure channel and then test the security certificate's expiration date. Configure thresholds in Server & Application Monitor and get notified well in advance before end-users are impacted.

In order to monitor for SSL certificate expiration, simply deploy the PowerShell-based SSL Certificate Expiration template. You will supply the following arguments: URL, days out to mark as warning and days out to mark as a critical alert. You can assign this template to a node, or multiple nodes. You can also add additional PowerShell commands and past the script into the template to monitor additional URLs.

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This monitor is also included in the IIS monitoring feature. AppInsight for IIS requires no set up to view the days remaining for SSL certificates for each website.

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Best Practice 2: Monitor SSL Certificate Revocation

Using Server & Application Monitor’s HTTPS User Experience Monitor, you can detect if the certificate has been revoked and be alerted (warning or critical) if this condition should occur. This monitor is also useful for testing a web server’s ability to accept incoming sessions over a secure channel and then transmit the requested page.

SSL Certificate Expiration and Revocation monitoring are just a couple metrics you need to watch to ensure high availability of websites and applications. Server & Application Monitor provides out-of-the-box support for monitoring over 200 applications and provides tools for customizing your monitoring requirements for any application.

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