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Troubleshooting end-user computers is not an easy task for desktop support teams when they are not equipped with the right tools for the job. With a growing number of tickets and users to support, IT pros need a way to work faster and more efficiently. A remote administration tool simplifies IT support tasks and improves efficiency because it enables IT admins to access and support Windows® servers and workstations from a centralized location.
  1. Benefits of a Remote Administration Tool

    A remote administration tool allows IT pros to instantly access and work on servers and end-users’ workstations, no matter where they are located—within the network, outside the firewall, at different global sites, etc. This gives admins more time to accomplish more tasks from the comfort of their own workstations or even from a mobile device.

  2. How a Remote Administration Tool Will Help

    A remote administration tool includes native functionality and admin utilities to manage Windows® computers and Active Directory® (AD) domains. It also uses wake-on-LAN technology to connect to and power up unattended systems on the network (powered off, sleeping, or hibernating) for patching, configuration, or troubleshooting tasks.

    DameWare Remote Support is a powerful, yet affordable remote admin tool that allows you to:

    • Remotely connect to Windows, Linux®, & Mac OS® X systems
    • Remotely troubleshoot & manage Windows servers and workstations
    • Reboot systems, start/stop services & processes, copy/delete files, view, & clear event logs
    • Manage multiple AD domains, users & groups, and remotely reset passwords
    • Reboot crashed computers and wake sleeping computers remotely
    • Connect to PCs outside the network firewall via secure Internet proxy
    • Gain remote access to computers from iOS® and Android™ mobile devices

DameWare Remote Support

DameWare Remote Support Starts at $365

Easy-to-use Remote Administration Tool

  • Troubleshoot end-user desktop issues remotely
  • Reduce time-to-resolution and save time and effort
  • Simplify and accelerate remote desktop support

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Fully functional for 14 days

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