Packet Loss Monitoring

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Monitoring key VoIP call performance metrics help network administrators determine what causes poor VoIP call quality. With SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM), you can analyze call detail records generated by Cisco® and Avaya communication manager products and retrieve data on packet loss in order to see what could be the potential problem in your environment.

  1. Benefits of Packet Loss Monitoring

    Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data fail to reach their destination. The most likely causes include link failure, high congestion levels, misrouted packets, and buffer overflows. With SolarWinds VNQM, you can closely monitor VoIP calls and quickly quantify performance for emulated VoIP traffic in terms of packet loss—not only to create baseline performance for VoIP deployments, but to ensure top VoIP quality.

  2. Implementing Packet Loss Monitoring Software

    Avoid interrupted playback and degradation in voice quality by monitoring packet loss using SolarWinds VNQM. Discover IP SLA capable nodes and start monitoring all VoIP performance metrics. VNQM provides you with an overview of your call detail records and IP SLA operations which helps you to identify VoIP call quality and performance issues.

  3. How Packet Loss Monitoring Helps Resolve VoIP Issues

    SolarWinds VNQM gives you the ability to search and filter VoIP calls based on packet loss metrics found in call detail (CDR) or call management records. Filter VoIP calls by most common error codes or call quality metrics to see exactly where packet loss exceeds the threshold limit and quickly eliminate VoIP issues.

Proactive VoIP QoS Management & WAN Performance Monitoring

VoIP and Network Quality Manager Starts at $1585


  • Monitors Cisco® and Avaya VoIP Quality of Service call metrics including jitter, network latency, packet loss, and MOS
  • Correlates call quality issues with WAN performance for advanced troubleshooting
  • Searches and filters call detail records



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Fully functional for 30 days

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