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Comprehensive network visualization helps administrators identify and troubleshoot issues faster. It can be very time-consuming to manually map a large number of devices and keep up with constant changes to network topology. With SolarWinds network monitoring software, you can automatically discover L2/L3 connections between devices and create dynamic network maps to visually track performance statistics. Follow these four simple steps to automate network mapping:

  1. Discover and Select Devices in the Network

    With SolarWinds NPM you can scan, discover, and add network devices into your monitoring database by selecting the network devices you want to monitor and then easily importing critical nodes into SolarWinds NPM. In our example, you can see a list of selected devices that need to be imported to an existing collection of nodes in our database. All imported devices will be immediately visible in NPM’s Network Atlas mapping tool to create dynamic customizable network maps.

    Download NPM now to discover and choose network devices for mapping

  2. Create Connections between Network Devices

    Launch Network Atlas from SolarWinds NPM and easily create new dynamic maps. Simply drag and drop available network devices onto the drawing area. Using ConnectNow™ technology, Network Atlas will instantly create L2/L3 network connections between all selected devices. In the example below, you can see devices grouped under multiple vendors on the left panel and continuous network layer connections between routers, switches, and other network devices on the drawing area.

    Download NPM now to create network connections

  3. Customize Network Map

    SolarWinds NPM provides capabilities to easily customize network maps with background images, textures, device statuses, links, and node labels to make network mapping more intuitive. In our example below, you can see all the nodes in a structured map can be rearranged based on the existing network environment and offices across countries.

    Download NPM now to customize network maps

  4. View Network Device Status

    Using Network Atlas in SolarWinds NPM, you can create multiple layers of network maps from enterprise to device level to build a complete network topology. Network administrators can drill-down to specific nodes and identify issues immediately with real-time information available through network maps. In the example below, you can see network maps created from enterprise level views to device level connections with their real-time statuses.

    Download NPM now to view network device status

SolarWinds has enabled me to help improve the overall management of Andr. L. Riis AS’s IT Architecture. I now have complete confidence in my network, which helps me sleep better at night."

Erik Olne

CIO at Andr. L. Riis AS

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