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  1. Analyze availability of multiple network devices in real time

    You need the ability to analyze the availability of devices in real time during network troubleshooting. SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset’s Response Time Monitor provides the ability to do just that with polling as frequently as every 5 seconds. Simply run the tool from the intuitive Web console by selecting devices you want to monitor, and get latency and availability information instantly. This tool also provides real-time network statistics for metrics like status, device name, IP address, availability, and response time.

    Download ETS to monitor network availability in real time

  2. Capture and analyze SNMP data for real-time interface statistics

    To quickly discover ports and analyze high utilization/errors generated from specific interfaces, use Interface Monitor from Engineer’s Toolset. Capture and analyze SNMP data for real-time interface statistics from routers and switches simultaneously to simplify network troubleshooting. You can select monitoring statistics for received (Rx), transmitted (Tx), or both kinds of traffic (Rx + Tx) from the following statistics groups:percent utilization, bandwidth, total bytes transferred, error packets, and discarded packets.

    Download ETS to monitor interfaces statistics in real time

  3. Monitor current CPU load on multiple devices in real time

    To monitor CPU load for multiple devices in real time and set warning and alarm thresholds for each device independently, use the Real-time CPU monitor from Engineer’s Toolset. Select the devices you want to monitor and see the current load in relation to the maximum CPU load. You can set warning and alarm thresholds independently for each monitored device.

    Download ETS to monitor current CPU load on multiple devices in real time

  4. Analyze performance and latency for each hop across your network path

    You need the ability to find which devices on the way to a specific address are causing network problems. With SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset’s Trace Route tool, you can identify those devices in a path reporting higher response times than usual by analyzing the performance and latency of each hop, and displaying SNMP information for the devices along the path.

    Run the tool to continuously monitor the response time of each hop and keep running averages, minimums, and maximums.This tool can significantly reduce the time required to isolate and identify a bandwidth or segment failure within your network.

    Download ETS to analyze performance and latency in network path

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