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Deep Packet Inspection, or just Packet Analysis, uses network packet sniffing to quickly and accurately identify network and application reliability and performance. A network sniffer captures (makes a copy of) the packet data passing through the network. It then analyzes and presents the data to network engineers, system administrators, or anyone who needs a view of traffic passing through their network.

Benefits of Network Sniffing

With network sniffing, users can identify the types and volumes of application traffic based on host IP addresses, ports, and protocols in use. This provides a wealth of information that can be very useful to engineers and administrators.

Information from network sniffing includes:

  • Network Response Time (NRT) – three way handshake
  • Application Response Time – Time to First Byte
  • Traffic Distribution Analysis – traffic type, volume, and classification (business vs. non-business)

Quality of Experience

The network sniffer within SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) provides a Quality of Experience dashboard that features a quick-glance summary of a variety of network and application performance metrics for all of the configured applications being monitored by network sniffing sensors.

Deploying Network Sniffers

NPM’s network sniffers can easily be deployed in one of the two following configurations using a simple step-by-step wizard:

  • Network Sniffers – used to sniff network packets using a SPAN/mirror port and a dedicated sensor installed on a Windows® server
  • Server Sniffers – used to sniff packet traffic directly on your Windows server or workstation

Further information on setting up Network Performance Monitor’s network sniffers can be found in the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Administrator Guide.

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