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Network administrators need Quality of Service (QoS) reporting to verify effectiveness and analyze how well existing network QoS policies are performing. SolarWinds® NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) segments network traffic by class, which makes it easier to view and help manage critical and delay-sensitive traffic, including voice and video.

  1. Benefits of network QoS reporting

    SolarWinds NTA allows you to view network traffic segmented by class of service methods, such as Type of Service (ToS) and Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP). It also lets you quantify bandwidth consumption for critical applications. With network QoS reporting, you can manage network traffic and enhance user experience in your enterprise.

  2. Implementing network QoS reporting

    SolarWinds® NTA provides a simple installation and configuration wizard that simplifies deployment. It automatically collects flow data from any flow-enabled device monitored by SolarWinds NPM so network administrators can monitor service levels.

  3. How does network QoS reporting work?

    SolarWinds® NTA helps you create, schedule, and run quality of service (QoS) reports. With multiple built-in reports, NTA makes it easy for you to report on network bandwidth and traffic QoS over specific time periods, or by network segment. Network QoS reporting helps you customize built-in reports and create new QoS or Class-Based Quality of Service (CBQoS) reports. NTA also makes it easy to automatically schedule and generate reports on a weekly basis.

Real-time network bandwidth monitoring

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Starts at $1875


  • Monitors network bandwidth and traffic patterns down to the interface level
  • Identifies which users, applications, and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Highlights the IP addresses of top talkers, and stores and displays flow data with up to one-minute granularity



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