Network Configuration Management with SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager

Device configuration management forms a major part of day-to-day network administration tasks. With the ever increasing number of devices, business-critical applications, and data, network administrators frequently find themselves working on new device deployments, which often requires changing device configurations to suit new requirements while ensuring network availability and quick resolution of issues. The challenge faced is that there are numerous devices of different types spread over various locations and managing administrative tasks for these devices becomes cumbersome.

Benefits of Network Configuration Management

With too many IT shops to manage manually, administrators end up dealing with network downtime caused due to erroneous configuration changes. Automation of network configuration management simplifies processes like scheduling regular backups, highlighting configuration errors, executing scripts, and maintaining organized configuration archives so that you can easily locate a backup file at the time of need. Automated solutions or network configuration tools can notify you whenever there is a change in device configuration, helping you quickly replace a failed device by stacking the replacement hardware and uploading the configuration from the archive. You’ll also be able to compare configurations and see what has changed, roll back any erroneous configuration changes, and more.

Network configuration management software like SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) not only takes out the effort of managing numerous device configurations in a heterogeneous network, but also minimizes network downtime.

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Implementing Network Configuration

Network or device configurations can be managed by downloading configuration files no matter what type of vendor. You can even execute scripts required for routine tasks.

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How Network Configuration Management Works?

In a heterogeneous network of different types of devices, the configuration files need to be regularly backed up and stored for use at the time of crisis, i.e. a network issue due to a configuration change or device failure. Automated discovery of devices downloads device configurations irrespective of the vendor and regular back up can thereafter be scheduled to maintain an up-to-date archive. Execution of scripts for regular or frequent tasks on single or multiple devices replaces manual work and eliminates human error. The Transfer status report helps track and monitor upload, download, and execution of script status of all devices in the network.

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Try it Yourself

Back up and manage your device configurations irrespective of the vendor. Maintain accurate and regular configuration backups for use when there is a network issue or device failure. Reduce human errors and network downtime to improve network reliability. Download a free trial of Network Configuration Manager today.

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SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager

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