Network Bandwidth Monitoring

with SolarWinds® NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Real-time network bandwidth monitoring down to the interface level identifies which users, applications and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth by analyzing Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, sFlow®, Huawei NetStream™ & IP FIX flow data.

Get the Most Out of Your Network Bandwidth

NetFlow Best Practices and tips on how to get the most out of network bandwidth. Watch the Webcast

Network bandwidth monitoring is a critical activity for every network engineer. By understanding who, what, and how bandwidth is being used, you can avoid bottlenecks, deliver better quality of service and reduce costs all while continually delivering business critical applications and services.

Network Bandwidth Monitor: What it is

A network bandwidth monitor captures and analyzes the flow data (Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, sFlow®, Huawei NetStream™ & IP FIX) that is built into most routers and converts that data into easy-to-interpret charts and tables that quantify exactly how the network is being used, by whom and for what purpose.

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Where to implement a Network Bandwidth Monitor

A network bandwidth monitor can be implemented in networks of all sizes where the network professional would like insight into bandwidth usage.

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How a Network Bandwidth Monitor works

Network Bandwidth Monitor polls your interface frequently and reports real-time bandwidth usage on an easy-to-understand graph. Tools like SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) provide valuable insight into which applications are consuming the most network bandwidth.

Learn how to monitor bandwidth is real time using SolarWinds NTA

Why use SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer for Network Bandwidth Monitoring?

Leverage flow technology to get insight on network bandwidth performance and traffic patterns with real-time visibility into whom and what are consuming network bandwidth

  • Traffic Analysis Dashboard

    SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer delivers a comprehensive, customizable view of your network traffic on a single page.

  • Network Traffic Forensics

    SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer enables you to drill down into any element’s traffic using multiple views to get the perspective you’re looking for.

  • Bandwidth Threshold Alerting

    Provides powerful performance monitoring for applications, servers, operating systems, and more in one easy-to-deploy software package.

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