NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring With SolarWinds® Storage Resource Monitor

Start monitoring your enterprise-wide NetApp® storage filers with an easy-to-use web based UI. Go deeper and retrieve status & performance of your entire NetApp storage ecosystem. In addition, get details on storage resource utilization and forecast storage capacity needs with no performance impact on your storage environment. Leverage an agentless storage management system that manages & monitors NetApp NAS and SAN performance using NetApp APIs.

Benefits of NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring

Proactive storage performance monitoring allows storage admins to get robust performance alerting, management, and monitoring for all your NetApp filers and storage solutions, helping you avoid downtime.

  • Get insights into storage health for NetApp and multi-vendor storage solutions
  • Set thresholds and generate proactive alerts that are customized to your business’s policies for usage and status
  • Quickly identify the busiest elements of your storage ecosystem such as disks, RAID groups, LUNs, storage network ports, etc.
  • Provide an end-to-end view of unified storage across all protocols (FC, iSCSI, NFS, or CIFS)
  • Identify performance issues that may arise from the virtual layer using a single pane of glass
View of NetApp performance monitoring with SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor.

Storage Performance Monitoring

NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring Capabilities:

NetApp NAS and SAN Performance Monitoring: Monitor NetApp storage performance by observing which volumes are assigned to which storage processors to confirm proper load balancing. Comprehensively monitor NetApp storage arrays by drilling deeper into every array component. Get visibility into LUNs, volumes, physical hard drives, operational status of each array, aggregates, FC ports on switches and arrays, and more.

View of NetApp performance monitoring dashboard within SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor.

Capacity Planning and Management

Get intelligent storage capacity planning for your NetApp storage environments. Start tracking performance history and collecting data to help you determine where there are hot spots in your storage, especially during peak traffic hours, and where there are potential failures in your NetApp NAS and SAN. A storage management software will allow you to compile key metrics like rate of storage growth, capacity predictions, and cost forecasts. Collect storage capacity planning information dynamically for your physical and virtual infrastructure, and analyze historical storage performance to expose hot spots, outage potential, and peak traffic hours.

View of capacity management and planning capabilities for NetApp storage performance monitoring.

Generate Reports for your NetApp Storage Environment

Generate performance reports for your NetApp storage arrays with built-in reports. Customize each report to suit your business needs and automatically schedule & generate reports for allocated storage capacity & utilization, volume/LUNs mapping & masking, used & unused storage capacity information & serial numbers, firmware version, and model numbers for your NetApp arrays. Build reports that showcase the top 10 arrays by performance, capacity, utilization, thin provisioning report, free LUN report, storage hardware assets, etc.

View of report generation features with SolarWinds NetApp performance monitoring software.

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SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor

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  • Monitor storage performance and isolate hotspots in your NetApp NAS and SAN fabric
  • Map virtual machines to physical storage, automate storage capacity planning and reporting
  • Simplify analysis of storage usage and reclaim unused storage

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