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You searched or clicked on NetApp® storage performance monitoring or a similar topic. SolarWinds has a product that will help you proactively monitor the performance of your NetApp storage environment. We recommend that you explore Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler.

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Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler

Multi-Vendor Storage Performance & Capacity Management

  • Monitors storage performance & isolates hotspots in your multi-vendor SAN fabric
  • Maps virtual machines to physical storage
  • Automates storage capacity planning & reporting
  • Simplifies analysis of storage usage & reclamation of storage space
  • Easy to download, deploy, & use – start monitoring your storage infrastructure in less than an hour

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NetApp Storage Performance Monitoring Capabilities

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View the performance and status of your storage environment with a single-console view provided by NetApp NAS and SAN performance monitoring

SolarWinds Storage Manager gives you robust performance alerting, management, and monitoring for all of your NetApp filers and storage solutions, helping you avoid downtime.

  • Gives you storage health insight for NetApp and multi-vendor storage solutions at a fraction of the cost of NetApp’s OnCommand™ Insight software (formerly Akorri and SANscreen)
  • Generates alerts at set thresholds that are customized to your business’s policies for usage and status
  • Identifies the busiest elements of your storage ecosystem (disks, RAID groups, LUNs, storage network ports, etc.)
  • Provides end-to-end view of unified storage (block and file) across all protocols (FC, iSCSI, NFS, or CIFS)

  • SolarWinds Storage Manager provides a single pane of glass that you can use to view deep into the status and performance of your entire storage ecosystem. Additionally, SolarWinds Storage Manager shows you details on storage resource utilization and it forecasts future storage capacity needs with no performance impact on your storage environment. Our enterprise storage management tool provides:

    • An easy-to-use Web-based UI that monitors your storage enterprise-wide and includes NetApp filers in addition to storage arrays from other major vendors
    • Agentless NetApp NAS and SAN performance monitoring and management technology using NetApp’s API
    • Robust grouping and reporting

    SolarWinds Storage Manager supplies you with all the tools you need for monitoring and managing your NetApp storage arrays, including the ability to monitor:

    • LUNs/Volumes/Qtrees (including thin-provisioned volumes)
    • Physical hard disks
    • Operational status of each array
    • Aggregates
    • FC ports on switches and arrays
    • All associations among these entities

    The performance monitoring capabilities in SolarWinds Storage Manager allow you to:

    • Observe which volumes are assigned to each storage processor to confirm proper load balancing
    • Map the host(s) assigned to each individual volume
    • Manage disk space utilization on individual RAID groups
    • Identify “hot spot” RAID groups or LUNs

    This valuable storage management software provides you with unparalleled insight into storage utilization across the enterprise, giving you the tools for more intelligent storage capacity analysis and planning, and helping you build better business continuance and disaster recovery plans for your NetApp storage environment.

    SolarWinds Storage Manager also gives you simple and fast configuration of a massive range of custom and pre-defined alerts. From a single console, you can set thresholds, filters, notifications, and alerts. These help you recognize and repair issues proactively, avoiding a poor user experience due to performance or availability problems.

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Use multi-vendor storage reporting to understand your NetApp storage performance with aggregate and individual array reports

SolarWinds Storage Manager arms you with powerful reporting functionality including hundreds of customizable reports out of the box. These reports give you deep insight into your NetApp storage infrastructure. Supported Network Appliance filers and arrays include:

  • NetApp FAS6200
  • NetApp FAS6000
  • NetApp FAS3200
  • NetApp FAS3100
  • NetApp FAS2000
  • NetApp V-series
  • NetApp E7900
  • NetApp E5400
  • NetApp E2600
  • All previous generation Network Appliance filers and storage arrays

In addition to NetApp storage management, SolarWinds Storage Manager monitors storage gear from many other vendors within the same tool, allowing you to build a unified, enterprise-wide view and to set off reports for your heterogeneous storage environment. These reports give you information on your multi-vendor storage ecosystem with metrics like:

  • Physical disk characteristics
  • Host utilization of allocated capacity
  • Array firmware, models, and serial numbers
  • LUN/volume/Qtree masking and mapping
  • Raw vs. allocated capacity

SolarWinds Storage Manager’s storage reporting wizard greatly simplifies storage report customization, helping you support requirements that are specific to your business. Custom grouping enables you to place servers, storage, and file systems into separate groups for reporting purposes and it enables your business to facilitate operating unit chargeback, geographic analysis, and reporting. This tool lets you automate reports, deliver those reports via email, publish reports on a set schedule, and export data as HTML or CSV files for a greater level of customization and analysis.

The following are just a few of the out-of-the-box reports that come with SolarWinds Storage Manager:

  • Enterprise Capacity Summary: Reports on raw disk capacity, storage capacity usage statistics, unused LUNs, usable capacity (after RAID formatting), and storage overhead in a single pane of glass spanning your entire NetApp environment, as well as any storage arrays from other major vendors.
  • Top 10 Reports: Give you instant insight into your NetApp NAS or SAN health with information on raw storage, utilization of storage pool resources, RAID type, array performance, and more.
  • Thin Provisioning Report: Displays the storage over-allocation level and identifies the parts of the infrastructure at risk because of the use of thin provisioning.
  • Aggregate/Volumes/Qtree Reports: Show usable capacity and utilization in specific storage pools and the LUNs allocated to each pool.
  • Free LUNS Report: Determines which created LUNs are not yet allocated to a host, identifying possible wasted space.
  • SAN and LUN Reports: Provide metrics on LUN characteristics and the hosts attached to each LUN (both FC and iSCSI).
  • Physical Disks Report: Displays each physical disk in the storage environment, providing drive type, serial number, manufacturer, model, and firmware for each.
  • Asset Info Report: Provides firmware versions, serial numbers, and more for each array in your storage infrastructure, letting you to ensure all arrays are up to date.
  • VM to Spindle Mapping Report: Shows the mapping of VM to your filer’s storage, regardless of type of storage or protocol (FC, iSCSI, NFS).
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Manage your full storage environment from end to end for all supported networks and arrays with NetApp NAS/SAN and Fibre Channel switch management

SolarWinds Storage Manager gives you extensive storage monitoring, reporting, and alerting so you can be confident that all of your NetApp storage and all of your storage from other supported manufacturers is offering you maximum performance. SolarWinds supports storage solutions from all leading storage manufacturers including:

  • NetApp
  • EMC®
  • Dell® Compellent
  • Dell EqualLogic
  • Dell|EMC
  • Dell MD
  • IBM®
  • HP®
  • HP 3Par
  • Hitachi® (HDS)
  • See the detailed list for supported array families

SolarWinds Storage Manager also supports capacity and performance reporting in a broad range of devices and servers including:

  • Cisco® MDS
  • Brocade® Fibre Channel switches
  • Qlogic® Fibre Channel switches
  • Microsoft® OS
  • Linux (RedHat®, SUSE)
  • McData Fibre Channel switches
  • Unix (IBM AIX, HP HP-UX, Solaris)
  • VMware®
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