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SolarWinds® Patch Manager protects your servers and workstations from Java™ vulnerabilities. Using PackageBoot™ technology, it creates the pre-installation environment required for a successful patch operation.

Unpatched Java software could potentially become a system administrator’s nightmare. Hundreds of Java vulnerabilities are identified every year, so it’s important for Java patches to be rolled-out systematically to help prevent failed Java updates.

Benefits of Java patch management using Patch Manager

No amount of guess-work ensures 100% patching of Java apps in your environment. Even if you can somehow manually track all Java apps and patches, there’s a probability of failed updates that could leave desktops and servers vulnerable to security attacks. However, with Patch Manager you can:

  • Discover systems that are running versions of Java with known vulnerabilities.
  • Control when and where updates are executed with advanced scheduling.
  • Significantly reduce failed patches with PackageBoot™ technology.

Implementing Java patch management

Java™ patch management can be automated by installing SolarWinds® Patch Manager. The update notifications are available on the Patch Manager console and via email. The update/upgrade package list is automatically synchronized to the Patch Manager server. To publish the latest JRE package, download it from Oracle® and import it into Patch Manager. The package download assistant directs you to the right website, and helps you grab the correct patch files.

View of Java Patch Management and Security Patching dashboard.

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How Java patch management works

When a Java™ patch file is imported, the installation file is verified and included in the package definition and stored on the SolarWinds® Patch Manager server. The update management utility helps you deploy the update to the required systems. The PackageBoot™ utility works along with the installer files to ensure a proper pre-installation environment. Pre-installation tasks may include starting/stopping services, terminating running processes and programs, and testing for locked files. Post-installation tasks can also be specified for successful completion of the entire patch process.

View of how SolarWinds Java patch management software works.

Reduce security risks by automating patch management, and simplifying publishing and reporting

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  • Extends WSUS/SCCM capabilities for Microsoft® and 3rd-party software
  • Builds comprehensive reports on patch and compliance status, hardware/software inventory, etc
  • Includes patch strategies for different user and computer groups



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