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IP Address Manager

Centralized IP Address Management, Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting

  • Centralizes IP infrastructure management and monitoring
  • Consolidates multi-vendor DHCP/DNS management via a single, integrated interface
  • Proactively monitors your IP resources with powerful alerting and reporting
  • Active IP address conflict detection and preventive alerts
  • Delivers real-time, at-a-glance dashboard visibility along with historical IP tracking

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DNS, DHCP, IP Address Management (DDI) Capabilities

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Take advantage of powerful and centralized DHCP, DNS, IP address management (DDI)

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) provides comprehensive DHCP support for the most commonly used DHCP services on the market—Microsoft and Cisco.

  • Manage and monitor Microsoft DHCP servers and Cisco DHCP services, including Cisco ASA devices, together from IP Address Manager’s centralized Web interface
  • Add new or edit existing Microsoft and Cisco DHCP servers and scopes
  • Schedule automated scanning of DHCP servers and scopes
  • Set, update, or delete reservations, reservation status and DHCP properties, including IP ranges and exclusions
  • View DHCP server and scope details, including server type, status, scope address ranges, IP usage, last update, lease expiration and lease remaining
  • Configure Microsoft and Cisco DHCP split scopes directly from the SolarWinds IPAM Web console
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Manage and monitor multi-vendor DHCP environments

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) provides comprehensive DNS management, in addition to DHCP management from the same integrated Web interface.

  • Manage Microsoft DNS servers alongside DHCP servers from IP Address Manager’s consolidated Web console
  • Create, modify, or delete DNS zones and records directly from the SolarWinds IPAM interface
  • Schedule automated scanning of DNS servers
  • View all DNS information, including server address and description, zone status, last update time, and VLAN ID, as well as outdated/obsolete DNS records from one central spot
  • Edit DNS zone properties including zone name, zone type, lookup type, zone file name, and zone transfers
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Configure and maintain DHCP split scopes

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) provides simplified split scope setup to deliver high availability and load balancing for your DHCP services. IP Address Manager allows you to quickly configure your DHCP split scope with a simple two-step wizard. Additionally, you can easily view related scopes and scope distribution across your subnets, all from SolarWinds IPAM’s centralized Web console.

  • Manage and monitor Microsoft and Cisco DHCP split scopes directly from the SolarWinds IPAM console
  • Configure DHCP split scopes quickly and easily with a simple two-step wizard
  • View related scopes and scope distribution across your subnets
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Schedule automated scans of your network on a regular basis

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) allows you to automatically scan a subnet—as frequently as every 10 minutes or as infrequently as every 7 days. Moreover, you can schedule each scan independently by subnet so your mobile subnets will always be updated without rescanning those subnets with mostly static IPs.

Scheduled IP address scanning also helps avoid IP address conflicts by recognizing transient IP status. For example, if a static IP goes offline during a maintenance update and is not reachable, SolarWinds IPAM will configure that IP as transient to prevent other network engineers from assigning it. You can configure the transient period for any number of consecutive days, up to a year. Upon a subsequent scan, if the network device returns online again, SolarWinds IPAM will simply show its associated status as "used."

You can easily modify a scheduled IP address scan to customize it for your particular scanning needs. SolarWinds IPAM also makes it easy to create your own scan job from scratch. Each job performs a scan of network devices based on subnet.

As part of the scheduled scan, SolarWinds IPAM’s indirect discovery provides more complete information on the status of IPs you’re managing. By identifying neighboring device ARP tables, SolarWinds IPAM provides IP status information, even when SNMP and ICMP are disabled or blocked.

  • Schedule IP address scanning to ensure your IP space is always updated
  • Select a scanning frequency anywhere between 10 minutes and 7 days
  • Choose a high frequency IP address scan for mobile subnets, while scanning less frequently for subnets with more static IPs
  • Preview your subnet scan status to see when the next scan will occur for each of your subnets
  • Configure ICMP and SNMP scan settings from an intuitive Web interface
  • Get IP status even when ICMP and SNMP are disabled
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Delegate team access with role-based permissions

SolarWinds IP Address Manager provides the ability to use role definitions to restrict user access, grant varying privilege levels, and define custom roles at the subnet, group, or supernet level.

  • Create and edit role definitions down to the subnet level to restrict user access
  • Securely grant varying privilege levels
  • Track who made what change
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Log all IP address management related events

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) automatically records each IPAM-related change in detail so that an activity log is always available for auditing and accountability.

  • Investigate IP address issues by knowing who made what changes when
  • Determine if an IP address has recently changed by viewing event history
  • View a comprehensive list of system events, as well as actions that individual users have taken
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Troubleshoot IP space and services with consolidated IP summary dashboard

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) makes troubleshooting a breeze with a unified “at-a-glance” dashboard so you can quickly pinpoint issues and head off problems before users are affected.

  • View real-time, customizable, and graphical Top XX lists and alerts for quick and easy visibility into your IP space utilization
  • Recognize near-capacity subnets and reallocate IP addresses accordingly before it causes a problem
  • Retrace events leading up to an IP conflict via detailed activity logs and historical IP tracking
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Create, schedule, and share IP address reports

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) allows you to generate powerful reports utilizing customizable, out-of-the-box templates.

IP Address Manager’s Report Writer allows you to easily create and share reports. You can format your data the way you want and preview reports before displaying them. When you have finished editing your reports, you can use the scheduler tool to automate report distribution via email or for viewing through the Web console.

  • Access and customize built-in reports to share across your team
  • Automate report generation
  • Project future capacity needs based on current IP usage
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Automatically allocate correctly sized subnets

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) provides a Subnet Allocation Wizard to help you efficiently organize your managed IP address space into subnets that are sized appropriately for the extent and traffic of your network. With its real-time subnet calculator, the SolarWinds IPAM Subnet Allocation Wizard allows you to quickly determine the most efficient way to subdivide any supernet.

The Subnet Allocation Wizard takes a supernet address, a Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR), and a desired subnet size and displays a list of available subnets. You can quickly choose from this interactive list to allocate new subnets on your network.

  • Specify your supernet, desired subnet size, and retrieve a list of possible subnets
  • Avoid creating duplicate subnets
  • Save time by using a built-in subnet calculator
  • See which subnets are open in a given supernet
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Plan IPv4 to IPv6 migration

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) allows you to plan your IPv4 to IPv6 migration by creating and testing multiple scenarios before implementation.

  • Add, delete, or edit individual or ranges of IPv6 addresses
  • Edit IPv6 prefixes
  • Add and delete IPv6 subnets
  • Search for IPv6 addresses
  • Create and edit IPv6 groups for organizing network components
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