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Incident management is one of the most important aspects of ITSM practices for any type of business delivering internal or external customer service. According to ITIL, incident management can be defined as an unplanned interruption to an IT service or a reduction in the quality of an IT service. ITIL separates incident management into 6 categories namely:

  1. Incident detection and recording
  2. Classification and initial support
  3. Investigation and diagnosis
  4. Resolution and recovery
  5. Incident closure
  6. Ownership, monitoring, tracking, and communication (monitoring the progress of the resolution of the incident and keeping those who are affected by the incident up to date with the status)

Incident management software will help IT teams ensure these activities are performed with ease and efficiency.

  1. Benefits of Incident Management Software

    With growing customer bases and increasing end-users to support, volume of service desk tickets is on the rising trend making it harder for resource-constrained IT teams to manage and resolve them. Incidents, when left unchecked will give rise to problems which also have to be identified and tackled by help desk teams. Incident management software simplifies the process of incident creation, technician task assignment, SLA alerts and escalations and associating incidents with problem tickets. From a central Web console, support agents will be able to monitor and manage incident and problem tickets quickly and easily.

  2. How Incident Management Software Will Help

    Incident management software allows you set up parent-child relationship between incident and problem tickets. When an incident ticket is raised, it can be clubbed under a related problem ticket. And when the problem ticket is closed by the technician, all related incident tickets get closed along with it. The ability to differentiate incident and problem tickets, and handle them differently is a key functionality of incident management software. Furthermore, incident management software delivers flexible automation rules to allow IT technicians to simplify service request management. This reduces considerable time and effort for support agents to manage incidents.

    SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® is an easy-to-use incident management software that empowers IT pros to centralize, streamline and manage the entire service request fulfilment process – from ticket creation to resolution.

    • Simplify service request, incident and problem management
    • Automate IT asset discovery, management and reporting
    • Create parent-child relationship for incidents and problem tickets
    • Alert and report on SLA timelines and ticket status
    • Intuitive reporting dashboards to monitor technician performance & track ticket status
    • Centralized Web-based interface provides dashboards for managing incident tickets

Incident Management Software for All Businesses

Web Help Desk Starts at $695

  • Manage and track trouble tickets from creation to resolution
  • Automate and simplify incident management tasks
  • Improve the operational efficiency of ticketing and IT asset management

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