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You searched or clicked on Multi-Vendor Firewall Management or a similar topic. SolarWinds has a product that simplifies firewall management. We recommend that you explore Firewall Security Manager.

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Firewall Security Manager

Multi-Vendor Firewall Security & Change Management

  • Automates security & compliance audits with over 120 customizable, standards-based checks
  • Analyzes complex firewall configurations to clean up rules, optimize performance, & reduce risk
  • Delivers network-aware analysis to model changes, validate ACLs, & simplify troubleshooting
  • Provides intuitive, customizable dashboard for instant visibility into risk profile & security status
  • Tracks rule changes & maintains business justification history to ensure continuous compliance

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Multi-Vendor Firewall Management Capabilities

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Firewall rule and object analysis and clean-up

SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager ensures that all of your unnecessary rules and objects are safely removed, without causing an adverse impact on existing service availability or exposing the business to unauthorized traffic.

  • Removes your unnecessary firewall rules to increase performance and rule base efficiency
  • Analyzes firewall configs and logs to isolate redundant, covered, and unused rules
  • Analyzes how objects are being used on a per-rule and global basis
  • Identifies structural redundancies that represent errors in the configuration that play no role in the firewall's behavior, and can be immediately removed for gaining an instant boost to rule base efficiency
  • Finds temporary rules and rules that are no longer needed because the business purpose for the rule went away
  • Provides automated rule reordering recommendations
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Automated firewall security auditing

SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager calculates the critical hosts exposed to dangerous services based on ACLs, routing, NAT rules, and anti-spoof settings and isolates the rules that are responsible for flagged risks. Firewall Security Manager provides you with:

  • Automated analysis of over 120 out-of-the-box checks based on standards from NSA, NIST, SANS, and others
  • Customizable security profiles that allow you to base your audit on unique business requirements
  • Change report that shows how your security profile is affected by rule changes
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Predictive modeling of firewall config changes

With virtual packet tracing, SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager calculates how a data packet flows through your network and reports on where it is blocked and why - precisely identifying the devices and all the rules that block the packet. This makes it simple to determine if a service is allowed between any two points in your network and to decide on the change you would have to make to enable the service.

  • Enables you to try out firewall rule changes without touching production devices
  • Eliminates the risk of making a poor change that may accidentally introduce a security exposure or block legitimate traffic
  • Eliminates the need to test exhaustively after every firewall rule change
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Firewall change reporting

SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager detects changes to firewall configurations since the last update and provides expert guidance regarding the resulting differences to rules/objects, traffic flows, and security checks.

  • Monitor corporate policy, security risks, or service availability to critical hosts
  • Powerful change analytics correlate how firewall behavior has changed and translate that to the specific rule and object changes that are responsible for the new behavior
  • Configurations are updated on a continuous basis and reports are automatically distributed to relevant authorized groups
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Firewall configuration troubleshooting

  • Simplifies troubleshooting of the most complicated features inherent to Cisco®, Check Point®, and NetScreen firewalls
  • Simulates the behavior of the firewall so that you can ask what-if questions to learn how the firewall is configured to allow or block traffic flows to reachable hosts or subnets
  • Maps how polices relate to the structural and order dependencies between all of the ACLs, NATs, and Routes
  • Easily specify the traffic you want to troubleshoot using a single IP address or subnet
  • For Cisco and Juniper® NetScreen firewalls, see all the CLI commands that allow or deny the input traffic
  • Takes just minutes to completely troubleshoot service availability problems found in the firewall
  • Interactive drill-down capabilities facilitates complete exploration of all rule and object hierarchies
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Multi-Vendor Firewall Management with SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager

Do you need an all-in-one tool for managing firewall rules? SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager makes multi-vendor firewall management easier than ever. Using Firewall Security Manager, you can analyze security rules, perform security audits and reporting, test changes before actually making them, and troubleshoot firewall configuration issues. Download a free, fully-functional trial of SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager and in less than an hour you can have an all-in-one tool for firewall management up and running.

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