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In highly dynamic networks, you can sometimes run low on available IP addresses. Many times it’s not possible to add more by expanding your subnets or scopes because they’re “boxed-in.” So how do you find available IP addresses to use? The answer is by reclaiming abandoned static and reserved DHCP addresses.

  1. Find Abandoned Static and DHCP Reserved Addresses

    To find abandoned addresses, select a subnet to examine. Next, examine each address record and pay close attention to the Last Response column. Look for addresses associated with devices that have not been observed on the network for an extended period of time, for example 30+ days. Then look at the status. Addresses that have a status of Used and not observed for an extended period of time are address you’ll probably want to reclaim. If the DHCP Reservation attribute is set to YES then you also know this address has been reserved in a DHCP scope.

    Easily identify abandoned static and DHCP reserved addresses. Download SolarWinds IPAM with a 30-day license.

  2. Reclaim Unused Addresses

    Once you have identified an abandoned address, select it and edit its configuration properties. To reclaim the address, change its status from Used to Available. If the address has been reserved in DHCP, simply uncheck DHCP Reservation. That’s all there is to reclaiming unused IP addresses.

    Reclaim orphaned DHCP-reserved IP addresses. Download SolarWinds IPAM with a 30-day license.

  3. Monitor DHCP Address Pools

    Finally, to help ensure that your sublets and scopes never run low on available addresses, you can monitor them and receive alerts when they exceed utilization thresholds. This allows you to proactively examine the subnet or scope and find unused addresses to reclaim.

    Easily monitor subnets & scopes and prevent over utilization. Download SolarWinds IPAM with a 30-day license.

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