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Tuning databases is often the fastest way to accelerate application performance. While most monitoring tools look at resource utilization, a true performance analysis tool focuses on response time. Correlating database activity, wait times, SQL statements, application requests, and other dimensions helps you pinpoint the exact cause of database slowdowns. Response time analysis is a pragmatic approach to tuning and optimizing database performance, allowing database admins to quickly identify the root cause of issues and deliver measurable results.

With SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), you can quickly analyze SQL statements, identify the root cause of performance problems, and receive expert tuning advice for all major commercial databases, including Oracle®, IBM® DB2®, SQL Server® and SAP® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (SAP ASE).

View of DPA’s focus on response time analysis.

Database performance tuning using SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Traditional application performance management tools provide clues about performance issues, but they might not help you find actual root causes. SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer is a powerful monitoring tool that helps you quickly discover the source of your application performance issues.

Improving Application Performance with Database Response Time
  1. Response time analysis

    Response time analysis correlates time spent on query execution with end-user impact.

    Response time is defined as the sum of the actual query processing time plus time spent waiting on resource availability, such as log file or wait events and types. For example, when a session tries to access the CPU, it is often not processing actively because it is waiting for an I/O or another operation. Using response time analysis, you can identify bottlenecks, pinpoint their root causes, and prioritize actions based on the impact that poor database performance has on end-users.

    DPA collates SQL statement data every second, and ranks it based on response times. This helps you identify which SQL query to focus on.

    View of worst performing SQL statements.

  2. Worst performing SQL statements

    The screen below displays the worst performing SQL statements (left side), application wait times (top), and specific wait types/events that are causing bottlenecks (right side).

  3. Tuning advisors provide clear and actionable advice

    DPA collates data points from five years to five seconds ago, and presents the results in easy-to-understand bar charts with alarms that lead to more detailed data surrounding an issue. Tuning advisors point DBAs toward problems that need immediate focus and provide clear, actionable advice.

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