SolarWinds® has multiple capabilities to monitor private cloud environments, which include monitoring integrated SaaS applications, compute infrastructure performance, storage infrastructure performance, and planning for capacity.

Benefits of Cloud Monitoring

Your cloud is wildly popular. The dev team loves you now that they have a way to quickly deploy VMs for testing the new app. They take, take, take, and now you have a slew of VMs in your cloud environment that are un-used, taking up precious resources.

Or, perhaps you have a highly popular and dense cloud environment running a bunch of biz apps. One app gets a little heavy and starts causing problems everywhere else. Now, your phone is ringing off the hook and you have to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

Virtualization management tools help you proactively prevent these problems from happening in your private cloud. You can get insight into VM Sprawl issues, perform capacity planning to optimize resources, and get ahead of noisy neighbor situations with proactive alerting.

What does that mean for you? According to a recent survey of Virtualization Manager customers, those who use the product frequently achieved the following benefits:

  • Reduced downtime by 60%
  • Identified the root cause of the problem 50% faster
  • Managed more VMs per person—130% increase in VMs/admin
Learn how you can save around $70K a Year and Experience 40% Fewer Hours of Downtime by Simply Deploying a Virtualization Management Tool

SolarWinds Capabilities for Cloud Performance Monitoring & Capacity Planning

Implementing a tool to monitor your private cloud environment will mean that you can more quickly identify performance issues and optimize your cloud environment to save software and hardware costs, and be more prepared when the business needs more capacity. SolarWinds capabilities include:

Compute infrastructure performance: With Virtualization Manager, you can see what’s hogging shared resources such as CPU, memory, storage I/O, network resources from VM to spindle in an easy to use dashboard. Get immediate insights into the performance, capacity, configuration, and usage of your virtual infrastructure for both VMware® and Microsoft® Hyper-V® environments.

Top 5 things you need in a virtualization management solution View of SolarWinds capabilities for cloud performance monitoring and cloud capacity planning

Storage infrastructure performance: SolarWinds Storage Manager offers real-time information on your storage resources, such as data volumes and SAN environment. Continuously monitor your storage infrastructure and get a unified view into the performance and status of your storage systems to help prevent downtime. With Storage Manager, you can easily drill down from the datastore to the LUNs, and all the way down to the disks to understand how your storage infrastructure is mapped. In a few clicks, you can identify which VMs are using the most storage I/O, and get a consolidated view for a LUN and all related infrastructure, both physical and virtual, allowing you to diagnose performance issues. Easily configure and set a full range of custom and pre-defined alerts. Recognize and correct issues before your users experience performance degradation or availability issues.

Find out how APS Bank goes from reactive to proactive with Storage Manager View of storage infrastructure monitoring capabilities, monitor performance of storage systems.

SaaS based application performance: Easily predict response time behavior more accurately for SaaS based applications using SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor. Get full visibility on the performance of your applications as well as ensuring you’re well within the specified SLA. With Web Performance Monitor, when you make changes to your SaaS applications, you can test what impact it has on end-users, and whether the application is responding the way you want it to. Additionally, you can make the necessary changes and performance improvements before you roll out to customers or end-users.

Tips to keep in mind when monitoring services containing SaaS applications » Screenshot of web performance testing capabilities with SolarWinds cloud monitoring software.

Cloud Capacity Planning

With virtualization management and cloud monitoring tools, you can easily find stale VMs, zombie VMs, orphaned VMs, and over allocated VMs. Get a complete view of your virtual infrastructure, identify how resources are allocated, and optimize resources. You can also govern virtualization capacity optimization and analysis, capacity planning, and capacity operations. Simplify storage capacity planning in your cloud or virtual environment by automating the collection of forecasting data to view growth rate, predict & project capacity issues, reclaim storage space by analyzing storage files, and simplifying budgetary requirements.

Read and find out how Virtualization Manager gives Malaysia’s World Vision capacity planning control View of SolarWinds cloud monitoring, right sizing and cloud capacity planning capabilities.

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