NEW in v15.1 July 21, 2015

Improved user experience and new features

  • Automated file management (move/delete files)
  • Domain setup wizard for file sharing
  • Share files that are already on the server
  • Make anonymous shares
  • Search in file shares

Enhancements to Serv-U user interface

  • Redesigned management console
  • Custom branding for guest UI of file sharing

Extended support for

  • Multiple SSH/SFTP keys per user
  • Improved Active Directory® and LDAP integration
  • Installation supported on Windows® Server 2012 R2

New to Serv-U MFT Server?

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Upgrading is simple

Click the button below to visit the SolarWinds Customer Portal. Then, download the latest version of Serv-U FTP Server and follow the setup wizard. Learn more by reviewing the upgrade guide.


v15.0 February 19, 2014

Serv-U v15 adds secure file sharing for peer-to-peer ad hoc file exchange.

  • New file sharing feature: Safely send files to and request files from anyone.
  • Revamped Web client: Easier to transfer and manage files from major browsers.

 April 2, 2013

Serv-U v14 makes it easier to monitor file transfers and activity from other systems.

  • Write Serv-U activity to the Windows application event log.
  • Post MSMQ messages when files arrive or other Serv-U events occur.
  • Improved FTP Voyager® JV interface: faster transfers and better folder synchronization.

 August 13, 2012

Serv-U v12 adds a secure proxy for the DMZ, iPad management and clustering.

  • New Serv-U Gateway module terminates connections and prevents data storage in the DMZ.
  • Serv-U’s Web-based management console now supports Safari on the Apple iPad®.
  • High availability is supported by deploying in a cluster backed by shared authentication and storage.
  • Additional minor features and bug fixes.

 April 09, 2012

Serv-U v11 adds Linux support and improves Web transfers.

  • Serv-U® now runs on both Windows® and Linux® operating systems.
  • New Web client plug-in enables large transfers (>2GB), simultaneous uploads and drag-and-drop.
  • Additional minor features and bug fixes.