Database Performance Monitoring

Solve complex application performance problems and accelerate response times

Database Performance Analyzer | Starts at $1995

Get deep visibility into the performance of your databases and expert advice for performance optimization and tuning

You can't get application performance without database performance. Give everyone on the team a comprehensive view of how every aspect of the system affects performance across SQL database operations, host server and OS, virtualization resources and storage I/O. Quickly find bottlenecks and troubleshoot complex problems.

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SQL Server Oracle DB2 SAP ASE MySQL

Optimize databases anywhere with Database Performance Analyzer (DPA)

  • AWS

    Identify performance bottlenecks of database instance deployed on AWS RDS™, and EC2®.

  • Azure

    Accelerate SQL Server performance on Microsoft® Azure™ virtual machines.

  • VMware®

    Correlate SQL query performance with VM resources, the physical host, storage, and the network.

Why Database Performance Analyzer is the tool of choice for performance experts

Quickly find the root cause of complex problems

Response Time Analysis shows you exactly what needs fixing - whether you are a database expert or not

Learn about Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis

Optimize performance of production instances

Agentless architecture is safe for dev, test & production and scalable to monitor hundreds of databases

Learn about DPA's architecture

Solve problems faster when teams work together

Developers, DBAs and server teams work together and eliminate finger pointing with full visibility

Learn how shared tools improve collaboration

Identify anomalies before problems occur

Dynamic baselines compare historic performance to identify issues. Get alerts and custom reports too.

Watch a guided tour of DPA

Extend your database management capabilities

Server & Application Monitor

Мониторинг производительности для серверов и сотен приложений

  • Reliable and scalable – see performance data in about an hour
  • Detailed performance metrics for 200+ applications
  • Extend monitoring to custom applications in minutes

Starts at $2995

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Storage Resource Monitor

Мониторинг пропускной способности и производительности массивов хранения данных различных производителей при их взаимодействии

  • Real-time storage visibility into multi-vendor NAS and SAN arrays
  • Agentless NAS and SAN monitoring to include performance details
  • Automated storage capacity planning

Starts at $2935

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