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with DameWare Remote Support

NEW! in v12.0 October 6, 2015

Unattended Over-the-Internet Remote Session

Support computers outside the network without end-user presence

  • Initiate over-the-Internet session to remotely support unattended computers outside the firewall.
  • Ability to change running mode between standalone and centralized options.
  • Ability to search endpoints from host lists on MRC console.
  • Support for Windows® 10.

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v11.2 April 28, 2015

Version 11.2 introduced Active Directory® (AD) integration for easier user account management.

Benefit from Active Directory® integration that allows automatic discovery and import of user account credentials into DameWare Central Server. Enable single sign-on for DameWare users, allowing the use of AD credentials for DameWare authentication.

 June 4, 2013

Version 10.0 added support for Intel® KVM technology.

DameWare also supports Intel® vPro™ with AMT and KVM for remotely accessing out-of-band computers. Mount bootable and non-bootable ISO-R images to remote computers via Intel AMT with KVM

 December 2, 2014

Version 11.1 delivered built-in integration with SolarWinds® Web Help Desk®.

Simplify remote troubleshooting by initiating remote connections from Web Help Desk tickets or IT asset inventory. Save DameWare® remote session details and metadata, such as duration and timestamp, to an existing help desk ticket, or create a new ticket.

 May 6, 2014

Version 11.0 introduced the centralized mode of deployment, in addition to the existing standalone deployment.

In Centralized mode, you can:

  • Centrally manage DameWare users and permissions.
  • Manage all of your DameWare licenses and activations from one location.