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Orion IPAM Orion IPAM Orion IPAM

Unified DHCP, DNS, and IP Address Management

  • Centralized IP infrastructure management, monitoring, alerting & reporting
  • Automated IP address scans with active conflict detection & preventative alerts
  • Consolidated, multi-vendor DHCP/DNS management & monitoring
  • Role-based access control & detailed change event recording
  • Customizable dashboard with real-time utilization & historical tracking
  • Do-it-yourself deployment in as little as an hour!

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The explosion of IP-enabled devices in today’s enterprises, led by the onslaught of user-provided smartphones and tablets, has led to IP address proliferation and increased risk of unauthorized network access. At the very least, these additional devices are consuming precious IP space and valuable bandwidth; at the very worst, they’re stealing confidential data and taking down the network.

  • Network best services and practices 2009
  • Redmond Readers' Choice
Orion IP Address Manager + Orion Network Performance Monitor

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