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The Most Trusted TFTP Server on the Planet!

Streamline ongoing router and switch maintenance! Our free TFTP Server uploads and downloads executable images and configurations to routers and switches with ease. Discover for yourself why our free TFTP Server is the most robust, widely-trusted, and easy-to-use TFTP solution on the planet!

  • Advanced security settings provide complete control
  • Transfer the latest IOS or firmware versions - supports files up to 4GB
  • Concurrently upload and download images from multiple network devices
  • Optionally runs as a service to deliver 24x7 TFTP Server availability
Want to add a FREE Trial of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager?

Need to perform remote firmware and IOS transfers? Download a trial of SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) – a solution that enables IOS/firmware updates to be performed in real-time or uploaded to devices based on a specific grouping or combination of grouping properties, allowing you to easily manage each type of device separately.

  • Network best services and practices 2009
  • Redmond Readers' Choice
Solarwinds Network Configuration Manager

“Great tool for every Network Administrator”

"Price is also worth mentioning here … starting at $2,495, which includes a year of maintenance. This base price is roughly twenty times less expensive than any of the mainstream NCCM solutions!"- Dennis Drogseth