Make your websites faster and more reliable with powerful, easy-to-use uptime and performance monitoring.

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    Uptime and performance monitoring made easy

    First impressions last, so monitoring your websites and servers is a smart decision. With Pingdom, you’ll be the first to know about any issues with your website.

  2. Everyone loves a fast website

    Real user monitoring and page speed monitoring are great tools to analyze load times, learn how to make websites faster, and deliver a higher quality web experience for your users.


Key Features

  • Uptime monitoring

    Test your website's availability every minute, automatically, with over 60 global polling locations.

  • Real user monitoring

    Gain valuable performance insights from actual visitors to help deliver a better experience.

  • Transaction monitoring

    Make sure important interactions like signup, search, or downloadable files aren’t slow or broken.

  • Page speed monitoring

    Track your website’s load time and find bottlenecks that affect your customers' end-user experience.

  • Immediate alerts via SMS, email, and in-app notifications

    Receive alerts about error messages, HTTP status, content changes, and more.

  • API

    The Pingdom API can be used as a platform for building many different kinds of monitoring apps.

More Features

Root cause analysis

Discover why a website or server went down resolve the issue, and prevent recurrences.

Reports to prove your point

Make data-driven decisions based on reports with beautiful graphs that clearly show trends.

Use Pingdom on the go

Not at your desk? No problem. Stay up-to-date with apps available for your Android™ or iOS devices.

Easy integrations using webhooks

Use webhooks to integrate Pingdom with popular software, including PagerDuty, HipChat, Slack, and others.

60+ global test locations

Choose polling regions and monitor your website from 60+ locations in North America, Europe, and APAC.

Public status pages

Make uptime checks public for transparency or user notification issues.

Used by Companies Worldwide

  • Spotify
  • Malchimp
  • Slack
  • Kickstarter
  • Twitter

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