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We are moving to all-new SolarWinds Partner Portal! Beginning March 1st your existing user name and password will no longer work. Please click here to register in our new system.


Resellers interested in applying to the Reseller Partner Program should fill in the form below. Once submitted, you will receive a response from SolarWinds indicating your status or the need for additional information.

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The main contact is the person who will maintain the company information in the Partner Portal. Both the applicant and the main contact - if different - will be notified when this applications has been approved or rejected.

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The domains that you enter will be used to determine who gets access to your Partner Portal. What is your domain? Your domain is the “information” the follows the @ sign in your email address. For example, the domain for is Please note that domains DO NOT include www – it is only the text. All users who have email addresses from the domain(s) you enter will get access. In the example above, everyone with email addresses that end in will get access. If you have any questions, please email
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Sales Opportunity Information (FOR RESELLERS ONLY)
Select a timeframe which best corresponds to your SolarWinds sales opportunity.
Additional Information
Which of the following best describes your business type?
Distributor = Sells to other resellers.
Resellers = Sells to end customers.
VAR = Adds "Pre" and "Post" sales support and services.
Solutions Provider = Software is part of a total network solution.
Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) = Provides managed IT services to customers.
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Are you a Cisco Certified Partner?
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For Resellers Only – Please list your major networking and/or software products that you resell.
For Resellers Only – Why are you interested in the SolarWinds reseller program?
For MSPs – What managed services do you provide?

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