MSP Software for IT Management

As an administrator for a managed service provider (MSP), are you aiming to maximize your customers' uptime while reducing overall costs in unique IT environments? [read more]

You know the challenges of quickly understanding new environments to grow your business while maintaining multiple remote networks of varying sizes and configurations. You need software for Managed IT Service Providers that provides ease-of-use with quick, detailed visibility into your customers' network, applications, systems, virtualization, and storage infrastructure. SolarWinds software helps you increase profitability in a competitive market while quickly achieving the remote visibility you need into your customers' infrastructures. [show less]

MSP Software for Log & Event Management

MSP Software for Log & Event Management

Most customers have no idea what activity is actually taking place on their network, and that's where MSP software for log & event management helps you collect volumes of data from virtually any device on your customers' network and correlates that data in real-time, resulting in greater visibility, security, and control.
  • IT operations
  • Compliance
  • Security

MSP Software for Log & Event Management

MSP software for log & event management offers real-time log analysis, event correlation, and ad hoc search.
  • Real-time log management and analysis
  • Patented in-memory event correlation
  • Proactive network defense / active response
  • Ad-hoc IT search—visualized and simplified
  • Endpoint security and USB defense
  • Regulatory compliance coverage

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MSP Software for Patch Management

Automatically patch Microsoft and 3rd party applications on all your customers' Windows servers & desktops. SolarWinds Patch Manager provides:
  • A multi-tenant solution with both data isolation and the ability to delegate granular levels of functionality for each customer
  • Enterprise level scale - scale to an unlimited number of customers
  • The ability to extend your patch offering to patching custom applications using Patch Manager's Package Creation Wizard