MSP Software for IT Management

As an administrator for a managed service provider (MSP), are you aiming to maximize your customers' uptime while reducing overall costs in unique IT environments? [read more]

You know the challenges of quickly understanding new environments to grow your business while maintaining multiple remote networks of varying sizes and configurations. You need software for Managed IT Service Providers that provides ease-of-use with quick, detailed visibility into your customers' network, applications, systems, virtualization, and storage infrastructure. SolarWinds software helps you increase profitability in a competitive market while quickly achieving the remote visibility you need into your customers' infrastructures. [show less]

Managed Service Provider Software for Server Management

Best MSP Software for Server Management

With SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, you can provide your customers with out-of-the-box monitoring and management. Server hardware, operating systems, virtual infrastructures, and more than 150 applications are supported across multiple vendors.   
  • Multi-vendor hardware health monitoring
  • Monitor off-the-shelf and custom applications in minutes
  • Built-in sever management to stop/start services, kill processes, and reboot servers

MSP Software for Server Monitoring

SolarWinds MSP software offers enterprise-class application performance monitoring to provide visibility into your customers' physical and virtual infrastructure, application components, and O/S performance.
  • Agentless performance monitoring for virtually any application
  • Multi-vendor hardware health monitoring for HP, Dell, IBM System x, blade chassis, and VMware ESX hosts
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, reports, and best practice performance thresholds
  • Configurable alerting and root cause analysis
  • Built-in remediation
  • Deployment flexibility with remote pollers

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MSP Software for Cloud Transaction Monitoring

Capture the steps in any Web transaction and save them off into a test that you can schedule to run as frequently as every minute with SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor.
  • Continuously monitor the user experience using synthetic transactions
  • Monitor any Web application transaction—internal (behind the firewall), customer-facing, SaaS, and cloud-based
  • Record a new test with the push of a button and run automated tests as frequently as every minute
  • Use the multi-tenant UI to monitor Web application performance

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