MSP Software for IT Management

As an administrator for a managed service provider (MSP), are you aiming to maximize your customers' uptime while reducing overall costs in unique IT environments? [read more]

You know the challenges of quickly understanding new environments to grow your business while maintaining multiple remote networks of varying sizes and configurations. You need software for Managed IT Service Providers that provides ease-of-use with quick, detailed visibility into your customers' network, applications, systems, virtualization, and storage infrastructure. SolarWinds software helps you increase profitability in a competitive market while quickly achieving the remote visibility you need into your customers' infrastructures. [show less]


MSP Operations: Scalability

MSP Software for Scalability

As your customers' needs and infrastructures expand, and your customers' network and server management needs change, SolarWinds MSP software allows you to grow with your customers.
  • Scale the fault and performance management capabilities of SolarWinds network management and server management products with additional polling engines, Web servers, and an Enterprise Operations Console (EOC).
  • Ensure failover visibility if something should happen to your SolarWinds product server
  • SolarWinds MSP software provides remote pollers for improved deployment flexibility

MSP Software for Scalability: Environment Scalability

Scale the capabilities of your MSP operations as your customers' networks expand and their management needs change.
  • Distribute the polling load between multiple servers to provide scalability for large or distributed networks
  • Reduce the impact of poller performance as a result of rapid growth
  • Enable more users to access the web portal without performance degradation when you add additional web servers

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MSP Software for Scalability: Management Consolidation

Unify visibility into your remote MSP operations deployment across your geographically-distributed networks with a consolidated command center.
  • Displays your enterprise-wide network health on a single, interactive screen
  • Scales to monitor more than a million network elements
  • Consolidates critical monitoring data from multiple customer sites
  • Monitors overlapping IP addresses

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MSP Software for Scalability: Failover

Monitor the health of your MSP operations with our Failover Engine to ensure you never lose network performance visibility.
  • Provides a two-minute failover for your business-critical network and applications management system
  • Delivers an instant e-mail notification if key health thresholds for your network and applications management system are crossed
  • Provides high availability and ensures business continuity with real-time monitoring of your SolarWinds implementation
  • Prevents downtime with almost instantaneous automated failover when component failures occur
  • Minimizes WAN traffic during disaster recovery scenarios by leveraging WAN data compression optimization

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