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As an administrator for a managed service provider (MSP), are you aiming to maximize your customers' uptime while reducing overall costs in unique IT environments? [read more]

You know the challenges of quickly understanding new environments to grow your business while maintaining multiple remote networks of varying sizes and configurations. You need software for Managed IT Service Providers that provides ease-of-use with quick, detailed visibility into your customers' network, applications, systems, virtualization, and storage infrastructure. SolarWinds software helps you increase profitability in a competitive market while quickly achieving the remote visibility you need into your customers' infrastructures. [show less]

Software for Managed Service Providers: FAQ

Managed Service Providers: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I speak to someone regarding becoming a SolarWinds MSP Partner?

It's easy! Simply fill out a registration form, and we will contact you shortly. Click here to register today.

Can I monitor multiple customers with a single instance of SolarWinds software?

Yes, Managed Service Providers can deploy SolarWinds products in a centralized configuration, allowing you to monitor multiple customers from a centralized location with a single instance of software. SolarWinds products include a robust "role-based access control," so you can limit views and access to specific customers. Check out deployment scenarios.

Do you offer subscription licensing?

All SolarWinds licenses are perpetual licenses and include the first year of maintenance. Please click here for an online quote.

Does your product require agents?

SolarWinds network and application management products use industry standard monitoring technologies including ICMP, SNMP, Flow data HTTP/S, IP SLA operations, and many more. There is no need to install external agents, services, or code.
For storage products, you will need to deploy at least one agent per environment in order to monitor each unique infrastructure (Arrays, FC switches, VMware® Hosts and VMs), which is done remotely via API, SNMP, SMI-S, etc. If there are additional physical servers you want to monitor, you will need to deploy agents onto them.

Does your product support overlapping private address spaces?

Yes. Managed Service Providers can take advantage of SolarWinds network, systems and application products to support overlapping private address space by leveraging additional polling engines for each overlapping range or space.

Does your product provide SLA reporting?

Yes. All SolarWinds products offer out-of-the-box reports that are fully customizable to provide SLA reporting specific to your needs.

Do your products offer the ability to perform corrective actions on monitored networks?

Yes, our Network Configuration Manager allows Managed Service Providers to execute changes against network devices on a single device or many in one job.

What extensibility or customization features does your product provide to adapt to a Managed Service Providers' business model requirements?

SolarWinds products provide the ability to customize the user interface, including banners and dashboard layouts. Also, most SolarWinds products provide the ability to attach custom properties and managed objects (nodes, interface, etc.) for storing technical or business-oriented values (Ex. customer name, contract number, etc.). You can model organizational entities such as your customers, departments, or network and application services while tracking their status in real time using groups built manually or automatically from standard or custom property values.

Do you provide programmatic options for integrating your products with other Managed Service Providers Operations Support System (OSS) components?

Yes. SolarWinds network and application management products include a Software Development Kit (SDK), providing programmatic access for managing most of the managed objects (Example: node, interfaces, etc.) and their properties.