What's New in Network Configuration Manager 7.6

with Network Configuration Manager

NEW in v7.6! March 14, 2017

Automated network configuration and change management software

Simplify Cisco IOS Firmware Upgrades

Improve network security once IOS vulnerabilities are identified by easily upgrading IOS firmware.

Released in v7.5 June 07, 2016

Integration with NPM NetPath

Show detailed configuration changes when a configuration in the network service path has changed

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Support for F5® BIG-IP® Devices

Backup and Restore F5 User Configuration Set (UCS configuration) and other vendor binary files.

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Improved Network Security Auditing

DISA STIG compliance reports are now included.

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Upgrade to Network Configuration Manager 7.6

Customers can upgrade to version 7.6 to access integration with NPM NetPath, F5 BIG-IP support, and improved security auditing. Learn how with the Upgrade Guide.

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v7.4 June 9, 2015

Cisco® IOS and ASA vulnerability reporting, automatic policy violation remediation, and an enhanced change approval workflow mechanism.

Access the new firmware vulnerability resource as a report to carry out device vulnerability testing. Also, automatically remediate device configuration violations on multiple nodes using a script. The enhanced change approval mechanism now permits three different workflows.

v7.3 July 9, 2014

EoL/EoS data tracking for Cisco devices helps ensure that device contracts stay current as part of the procurement and maintenance of your network deployments.

Access Web-based job management, device configuration management, and device login validation. Schedule approved template-generated configuration changes as part of the change approval workflow.

v7.1 September 24, 2009

Receive real-time alerts about any configuration changes in the network. A wizard-like workflow and log-based notification system immediately alerts you when a device configuration is updated.

With this version, you can access all NCM settings via the Web-based console. Also comes with extended vendor support and new reports on Juniper® physical entities and physical entities v2.