Network Guardian Bundle

Automated Firewall Change Management & Policy Compliance

  • Detects firewall changes & reports on policy violation
  • Automatically backs up firewall configurations on a scheduled basis
  • Enables firewall change modeling, verification & deployment
  • Provides firewall configuration comparisons with rollback ability
  • Delivers detailed network security & compliance reports
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What Does the Network Guardian Bundle Include?

The Network Guardian Bundle leverages the built-in integration of SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager (FSM) and Network Configuration Manager (NCM) to deliver automated, end-to-end firewall configuration and change management to streamline operational tasks, reduce errors, enhance security and ensure compliance.

Firewall Security Manager

FSM provides unified and simplified firewall configuration management and troubleshooting for your multi-vendor firewall and Layer 3 devices to ensure the highest levels of network security and compliance.

  • Simplifies troubleshooting & change management for multi-vendor firewall devices
  • Automates security audits with more than 120 out-of-box, standards-based checks
  • Analyzes firewall configs & logs to isolate & remediate redundant & unused rules
  • Models the impact of a new rule or change without touching production devices
  • Scans inventory for high-risk firewalls & accesses security profile in minutes

Network Configuration Manager

NCM provides automated network configuration and change management to streamline admin tasks, increase operational efficiency, and reduce the risk of human error and unauthorized changes.

  • Enables bulk configuration changes to thousands of devices simultaneously
  • Automates network configuration backups & records for archival history
  • Detects & reports on configuration changes & delivers real-time alerts
  • Protects against unauthorized, unscheduled, or erroneous configuration changes
  • Discovers, imports & inventories multi-vendor network devices automatically

Excellent granular detail of firewall configurations provided beyond PCI compliance by enhanced security modifications. When I recommend FSM to friends, I simply tell them it’s great, cheap, and works! - Gregory Nicozisis, Senior Security Architect

Without NCM, we would be lost. It gives us the ability to quickly deploy mass changes and lets us sleep well at night knowing our configs are safely backed up. - voipteam, Sydney, Australia

Network Guardian Bundle Features

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    Automated Configuration & Change Management

    Automate firewall configuration, change management, and compliance.

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    Bulk Change Deployment

    Deploy configuration changes across multiple devices simultaneously.

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    Rule Cleanup and Optimization

    Analyze configs and logs to isolate redundant and unused rules.

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    Configuration Comparison & Rollback

    Easily identify and repair unauthorized and failed config changes.

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    Network Inventory

    Maintain a real-time, comprehensive list of all network devices.

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    Change Impact Modeling

    Model the impact of firewall changes without touching production devices

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    Automatic Configuration Backups

    Schedule automatic device configuration backups on a regular basis.

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    Change Detection & Alerting

    Automatically detect and alert on configuration changes.

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    Multi-Vendor Device Support

    Manage multi-vendor network and firewall devices.

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    Customizable Reporting

    Leverage customizable, out-of-the-box templates for fast, flexible, and intelligent reporting.

Why Download the Network Guardian Bundle Pack?

  • Usability: Automated firewall config & change management
  • Affordability: Enterprise-class solution at an SMB price
  • Simplicity: Download, install & deploy in under an hour
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