Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

Comprehensive Network Bandwidth Analysis & Performance Monitoring

  • Detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues
  • Track response time, availability, and uptime of routers, switches, and other SNMP-enabled devices
  • Monitor and analyze network bandwidth performance and traffic patterns
  • Identify bandwidth hogs and see which applications are using the most bandwidth
  • Graphically display performance metrics in real time via dynamic interactive maps
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What Does the Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack Include?

The Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack includes everything you need to monitor network availability, performance, bandwidth, and traffic.

Network Performance Monitor

Quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues and delivers real-time views and dashboards that enable you to visually track network performance at a glance.

  • Simplifies detection, diagnosis, and resolution of network issues
  • Tracks response time, availability, & uptime of routers, switches, and other SNMP-enabled devices
  • Shows performance statistics in real time via dynamic, drillable network maps
  • Includes out-of-the-box dashboards, alerts, and reports

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Leverage flow technology to get insight on network bandwidth performance and traffic patterns with real-time visibility into whom and what are consuming network bandwidth.

  • Find network bandwidth hogs
  • See which applications are using the most bandwidth
  • Discover traffic patterns & device performance
  • Prioritize business critical applications
  • Validate effectiveness of CBQoS policies

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is not only convenient but saves time on additional product training, since we can manage everything with one solution. - Kevin G., Network Team Leader — Utah Sate University

I was extremely impressed with how it [NTA] allowed us to manage our campus networks more effectively, to see the traffic just coming in and out of the firewalls — what's getting to the firewall. - GySgt Les Timmons, U.S Marine Corps

Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack Features

  • Scalable Monitoring Capabilities

    Network Availability & Performance Monitoring

    Monitor network device and interface availability and performance indicators.

  • Automatic Discovery & Mapping

    Monitor Bandwidth & Traffic

    Identify applications, protocols, & users that consume the most bandwidth.

  • Resolve Issues with Intelligent Alerts

    Automated Network Device Discovery

    Schedule network scans to identify new network devices and ensure you are monitoring all your critical equipment.

  • monitoring

    Troubleshoot Bandwidth Issues Fast

    Reduce troubleshooting time with instant alert notifications including a list of top talkers and links to flow details.

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    ConnectNow™ Network Mapping

    Drag and drop network devices to custom network maps and view connections and their real-time status.

  • ac

    Track Application Traffic

    Organize traffic from applications such as YouTube™, Facebook®, Amazon®, Apple® Quicktime, & more.

  • ac

    Dynamic Service Groups

    Group network devices by virtually any category and roll up network performance and service level status.

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    Validate Traffic Prioritization Policies

    Class-based quality of service (CBQoS) measure pre- & post-policy traffic levels per class map.

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    Intelligent Network Alerting

    Configure alerts for correlated events, sustained conditions, and complex combinations of device states.

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    Multi-Vendor Device Support

    Supports heterogeneous networks with out-of-the-box device support from leading vendors.

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    Intuitive LUCID Web Interface

    Logical, Useable, Customizable, Intuitive, Drill-down web interface that simplifies network performance and traffic analysp

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    Customizable Reports

    Generate and distribute performance and traffic reports using customizable out-of-the-box templates.

Why Download the Network Bandwidth Analyzer Pack?

  • Find & fix issues before users are affected
  • Quick & easy do-it-yourself deployment
  • Enterprise-class monitoring at an affordable price
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