Easily aggregate all cloud metrics into real-time monitoring dashboards for instant visibility.

Starts at $5 per month

  1. A simple, straightforward way to acquire instant visibility into your most important cloud metrics across the full stack

    You'll love the beautiful, interactive, real-time dashboards which are easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to share.

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  2. It's really easy to gain visibility with fully populated dashboards in just minutes

    Centralize your monitoring data from anywhere using our RESTful API, the Librato Agent, turn key integrations, and OSS community supported collection agents and language bindings.

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Key Features

  • 40+ turnkey integrations

    Gain deep insights across your stack, and fully populate your dashboard in less than five minutes.

    List of integrations

  • 80+ community integrations

    Use open source agents (e.g. StatsD and Heka) and language bindings (e.g. Java, Ruby, and Python).

    Collection agents & language bindings

  • Data processing and correlation

    Distill your raw data into valuable insights using mathematical transforms and composite metrics.

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  • Amazing data visualization

    Create elegant graphs to expose correlations and emergent behavior. Overlay events to add context.

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  • Alerts

    Set alerts on multiple metrics and calculations. Send alerts using email, webhooks, PagerDuty and more.

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  • Affordable pricing

    Pay only for what you monitor based on metric instances and resolution, metered by the hour.

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More Features

Fully extensible API platform

Full programatic API access to data collection, dashboard creation, alert configuration and more.

API documentation

Multiple visualization types

Focus on your most important numbers while also providing trending information and alerting thresholds.

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Intuitive collaboration and sharing

Strengthen your team's ability to collaborate with shareable dashboards and one-click snapshots.

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Composite metrics

Define mathematical transformations to perform on a selection of native metrics or time-series.

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Heroku add-on

Monitor native Heroku metrics and app performance - it's fast and easy.

Install Librato's Heroku add-on

Service-side aggregation

Aggregate fine grained measurements sent to the Librato API into a single summary metric.

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Alert integrations

Integrate with PagerDuty, Slack, AWS® SNS, BigPanda, email, webhooks, VictorOps, and more.

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Shorter or higher resolution metrics

Fine tune the resolution of your metrics - varies from 5 seconds to 300+ seconds.

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Overlay time-shifted data

Compare the past to the present. Easily track disparities between the same metrics over days or weeks.

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Free plan available

Try a fully featured version free for 30 days. Free Developer plan available after trial period.

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