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Keep your Microsoft infrastructure

healthy with SolarWinds

Active Directory

Need a way to manage AD objects & OUs across multiple domains?

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Diagnose Active Directory Health

Diagnosing Active Directory (AD) health issues can be tricky because there are so many potential root causes like authentication problems, network issues, DNS problems, slow DB queries, large replication queues, etc. Try SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor to easily check AD health issues related to:

  • Distributed file system service
  • DNS server service
  • File replication service
  • LDAP client sessions
  • Inter-site messaging service

Exchange Server

Don't wait for users to tell you email isn't working. Find out first.

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Diagnose Microsoft Exchange Health

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor can check the health of your Exchange server to proactively pinpoint latency issues in minutes:

  • Critical Exchange service availability
  • Average response times
  • Failed LDAP searches
  • Messages delivered/sent
  • RPC latency
  • Aggregate delivery queue length
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Monitor Exchange VM Performance

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager proactively monitors and analyzes virtualization-specific performance problems in VMware and Hyper-V environments, so you can keep a close watch on Exchange server health.

  • Map Hyper-V® or VMware® components that support Exchange
  • Troubleshoot performance problems & resource bottlenecks
  • Plan capacity for VMs, hosts and cluster CPU, memory & disks

The Virtualization Application Performance Pack combines server and app monitoring with powerful virtualization management so you can proactively identify and remedy potential threats to your Exchange server.

Web Server (IIS)

Find out why customers are convinced "The website is down!"

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Monitor IIS Performance

Detect, diagnose, and resolve critical IIS issues like Web publishing service availability, increases in system call frequency, or growing URI cache flushes. Try SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor to be alerted on

  • Available memory & CPU
  • Web service bytes received & sent
  • Web service connection attempts
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Monitor Website Performance

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor takes the mystery out of gauging user experience by providing affordable, user-friendly website and Web application performance monitoring.

Together, Web Performance Monitor and Server & Application provide complete visibility into the performance of your websites & Web applications to help you quickly pinpoint the root cause of issues.

Download Web App Monitoring Pack Free Trial Fully Functional for 30 Days


Find sloppy queries that could bring your apps down.

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Detect SQL performance problems

  • Visualize critical SQL server performance issues in one intuitive Web-based dashboard
  • Monitor over 100 key performance metrics for SQL Servers & Databases
  • Easily identify problem areas with Top 10 Lists: Most Expensive Database Queries, Clustered Indexes by Fragmentation, Databases by Active User Connections


How much VM capacity is left? VDI boot storms killing I/O speed?

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Hyper-V Performance & Availability

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager maps and monitors the performance of VMs, hosts, clusters, and datastores with pre-configured or custom alerts and dashboards.

  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk utilization, storage IOPs & historical usage
  • Alert on key metrics & thresholds
  • Monitor VDI infrastructure performance with specialized dashboard
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Hyper-V Capacity Planning

Automate capacity planning for CPU and memory in your Hyper-V environment:

  • Right-size VMs & monitor CPU & memory growth
  • "What-if" scenario modeling
Download Virtualization Manager Free Trial Fully Functional for 30 Days

Servers & Desktops

You're on call. A remote server goes down. Think RDP can help?

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Windows Server Monitoring

Easy, comprehensive, agentless Windows server monitoring with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor provides:

  • Coverage for OS metrics, processes, event logs, DNS & DHCP server availability & more
  • Hardware health & virtual infrastructure performance monitoring

Using System Center Operations Manager? Check out the SolarWinds System Center Extension Pack

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Remote Desktop Support & Windows Administration

DameWare Remote Support makes remote end-user support and Windows administration simple:

  • Share screens, chat in-session, easily transfer files & deploy custom agents
  • Stop/start/restart services & view event logs
  • Manage AD objects & edit Group Policies across multiple domains
  • Wake or restart crashed or "sleeping" computers
  • Export system configurations & AD objects in bulk
Download DameWare Remote Support Free Trial Fully Functional for 14 Days


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