VM Monitor

Continuously monitor a VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V host and associated virtual machines

  • View CPU, memory usage and number of configured and running VMs
  • Leverage best practice thresholds to begin monitoring virtualized servers
  • Prevent performance degradation by watching threshold-specific indicators

VM Monitor continuously monitors your VMware® or Microsoft Hyper-V® host and associated virtual machines in real-time. Track virtual server health at-a-glance to ensure your mission-critical apps don’t fail.

View detailed virtual machine health statistics including VM name, guest OS and VM state, as well as processor, memory and network usage.

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Performance monitoring of a single VM host and its VMs
Comprehensive monitoring of your virtualization environment
Helps pinpoint root cause of VM performance problems
Capacity planning and VM sprawl management
Seamlessly integrates with SolarWinds® Storage Resource Monitor
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