IP Address Tracker

Ditch your spreadsheets and take control of your IP address management

  • Scan, track and manage up to 254
    IP addresses
  • Detect IP conflicts using integrated monitoring and alerting
  • Fix problems faster with detailed IP histories and event logs

Stop wasting time wading through homegrown IP address tracking tools to find conflicts and available addresses. With SolarWinds free IP Address Tracker you can stop managing spreadsheets, and focus on your network.

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Eliminate conflicts and save time provisioning with SolarWinds IP Address Manager.

Key Features SAVE TONS OF TIME IP Address Manager Starts at $1995 IP Address Tracker 100% FREE FOREVER
Manage IP addresses Up to two millionUp to 254
Access single repository with IP address status
Track IP address availability
Automatically detect and set alerts for IP conflicts
Monitor DNS, DHCP and subnets Subnet only
Assess DHCP, DNS and IP address role-based task permissionsSubnet only
Get detailed reportingIP Addresses only
Administer integrated DNS and DHCP
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