Admin Bundle for Active Directory

Easily add and remove users and computers in Microsoft Active Directory

  • Scan Active Directory® and add or remove users
  • Remove inactive computers
  • Create users in bulk using a CSV file

With our trio of Active Directory management tools, you can manage and remove computers and users from Active Directory, and even add users in bulk.

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Key Features GO BEYOND ACTIVE DIRECTORY Server & Application
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Admin Bundle for Active Directory 100% FREE FOREVER
Remove inactive users and computers, and add new users
Monitor and get notifications on directory service failures, errors replication issues
Monitor domain controller—track failed logons, account lockouts, and policy changes
Receive alerts on disk space, CPU and memory
Identify processes that consume excess CPU and impact AD performance
Monitor Windows® and Active Directory event logs remotely
Get out-of-the-box monitoring for 200+ applications and multi-vendor servers
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