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With Kiwi Syslog® Server Free Edition, you can collect, view, and archive up to five sources, including routers, computers, or other devices.

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The Syslog Server Trusted by Thousands!

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Our Free Kiwi Syslog Server is trusted by thousands of network engineers worldwide to simplify everyday network management tasks. Easy to set up and configure, it receives, logs, displays, and forwards syslog messages from network devices, such as routers, switches, Unix hosts, and other syslog-enabled devices.

  • Receive and manage syslog messages from network devices
  • View syslog messages in multiple windows simultaneously
  • Produce trend analysis graphs and email syslog traffic statistics
  • Log or forward messages based on priority or time of day
  • Auto-split log files by priority or time of day
  • Setup basic alarm notifications