Scaling to the Enterprise

As your agency’s IT infrastructure grows and your needs change, your SolarWinds solutions will grow and scale with you — at any size. SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console provides a consolidated command center to monitor your entire enterprise network, and offers unified visibility into remote deployments throughout your geographically distributed network. All of our software is designed from the ground up to provide maximum flexibility, easily integrating with third-party systems and other SolarWinds tools.

As you grow, expand your monitoring capabilities with additional polling engines, distribute polling across multiple servers, protect against outages, and enable more users to access the Web console. Learn more in the Orion Scalability Tech Tip.

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Were dedicated to simplifying your acquisition process. SolarWinds IT management software is available on the GSA Schedule, DoD ESI, and numerous other contract vehicles.

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Enterprise Operations Console

Unified Visibility Into Geographically Distributed Networks

A consolidated command center with at-a-glance insight into enterprise network performance. Unified visibility into remote SolarWinds deployments throughout your geographically distributed networks.

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Orion Scalability Engines

Extend your monitoring with enterprise class scalability for the Orion Platform

Greatly expand the number of elements or applications you can monitor while extending how you monitor them. With Additional Polling Engines, you can distribute the polling load for your Orion platform installation between multiple servers to provide scalability for large networks, while reducing the impact on poller performance as a result of rapid growth within your virtual infrastructure.

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Orion Platform High Availability

Ensure 24x7 availability for your Orion servers

Ensure 24x7 Availability for Your Orion Servers

SolarWinds® High Availability for the Orion® Platform provides continuous monitoring of your infrastructure in the event of a failure with your monitoring system. HA protects key services by pooling a secondary, backup server with each server that your Orion Platform is installed on. If the primary server goes down, the secondary server will take over those critical services, such as polling and alerting, to prevent data loss.

HA protects your Orion Platform environment against operating system crashes, application failures, network connectivity problems, and database availability issues to help ensure that your server, application, storage, and network environments are always being monitored.

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High Availability Helpful Resources

Database Performance Analyzer

Performance Monitoring, Analysis and Tuning

At no additional cost the Ignite Central feature provides enterprise class monitoring for SQL Server, Oracle, SAP ASE and DB2instances distributed across the datacenter or across the world.

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Fully functional for 14 days

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