Orion Scalability Engines

Enterprise Scalability for the Orion Platform*

  • Expand your monitoring capabilities as your IT environment grows
  • Distribute polling across multiple servers
  • Protect against monitoring outages with 24x7 availability
  • Enable more users to access the Web console without affecting performance
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Ensure 24x7 Availability for Your Orion Platform Servers

SolarWinds Failover Engine (FoE) monitors the health of your Orion platform* server to ensure you never lose visibility. If something should happen to your primary Orion platform server, FoE automatically fails over to a remote server. The passive failover server assumes the full identity of the primary server and assumes all monitoring, alerting, reporting, and data collection. FoE’s switchover is an automatic, seamless, and transparent process that ensures data collection continuity. FoE is an ideal disaster recovery solution for networks that demand high availability and performance.

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Key Features

  • Provides two minute failover for your business critical IT management system
  • Delivers instant email notification when key thresholds of your IT management system are crossed
  • Supports the customization of failover rules which can trigger based on application, system, process, and service health thresholds
  • Provides high availability and ensure business continuity with real-time monitoring of your Orion platform implementation
  • Saves time by automating failover tasks such as creating processes, restarting services, or updating DNS records
  • Prevents downtime with almost instantaneous automated failover when component failures occur
  • Minimizes WAN traffic during disaster recovery scenarios by leveraging WAN data compression optimization


Orion Failover Engine is licensed by the number of primary Orion platform products installed per server. Failover support for SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer is included with the purchase of Orion Failover Engine for SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). The Orion Failover Engine for Orion Enterprise Operations Console and Orion Additional Polling Engines must be purchased as separate software licenses for each installed server.

FoE - P1 Failover for a single primary Orion platform product per server
FoE - P2 Failover for up to two primary Orion platform products per server
FoE - P3 Failover for up to three primary Orion platform products per server
FoE - PE Failover for an Orion Additional Polling Engine
FoE - EOC Failover for Orion Enterprise Operations Console

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Failover Engine

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While the Orion Failover Engine provides full coverage for your Orion implementation, SolarWinds has partnered with Neverfail® to also provide Microsoft® SQL database failover support.

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